All Of The New and Eligible 2018 Youth USA Baseball Bats
(December 2018)

Last Updated: December 1st, 2018

We've reviewed all of the new 2018 USA Youth Baseball Bats, so that you don't have to! The hard work has been done for you, so that you can buy with ease and know what you're getting. Our team and staff conducted our carefully crafted tests with our volunteer youth hitters! Thank you for visiting 2018 Youth Bats and we want to wish your kids the best of luck on the upcoming season! Trying to find out what the best youth bat is? You will find short summaries of the bats we've tested so far, however, be sure to click the "Read More" button to get a full detailed description and break down of each youth bat. Also, make sure you brush up on your league rules and the new USA Bat Standard Rule Change as they have changed for 2018. Be sure to bookmark and re-visit us in the future as we are going to be updating this page quite constantly. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date 2018 youth baseball bat reviews. If you feel like being lazy, sign up for our newsletter

As of 5/3/2018, the 2018 Easton Ghost X -10 Drop 30/20 has been labeled decertified. It is now ineligible for all USA Baseball affiliations. If you are one of the families affected by this situation, a special email address and phone number has been set up to handle all return questions and concerns: or call 844-531-7079.

2018 Rawlings Threat Youth Bat


The Rawlings Threat is the only USA bat this season that combines a fully composite single piece construction with the light swing weight of a -12 length to weight ratio. The big 2 5/8 barrel comes lined with a carbon fiber wall that and newly developed end cap that that will deliver more pop and faster bat speeds than any other -12 USA bat on the marker this season. Wrapped around the composite handle is the signature Rawlings sticky grip tape that gives the hitter more comfort and confidence when ripping at a pitch across the plate. In addition to all these features, it comes with a well balanced swing weight which will heavily contribute to young batters achieving level swings. If your youth player competes in USA Baseball divisions between Tee-Ball to the first few seasons of kid pitch, the 2018 Rawlings Threat will deliver more speed, pop, and comfort than any other -12 drop USA bat available for this season. Read our more in-depth review on the Rawlings Threat here...

2018 Anderson Centerfire Youth Bat

In April of 2018, Anderson released the Centerfire bat for purchase becoming one of the last USA bats to enter the sporting goods market. Along with the Techzilla USA bat (shown below), the Centerfire has demonstrated to be well worth the wait. The Anderson Bat Company might have taken a long time to release their products, however the chances of either bats to decertify like the Ghost X 30/20 are highly unlikely. The Centerfire features a single wall barrel construction composed of Anderson’s new AB-9000 Aerospace aluminum material that delivers power, durability, and stability to hitters playing in the younger kid pitch divisions. Coming with a single piece balanced swing weight, the Centerfire offers hitters quicker bat speeds and more leveled out fluid swings through the strike zone. Being a fully 100% aluminum, the Centerfire requires zero break-in time and is ready to deliver maximum performance fresh out of the wrapper. The 2018 Anderson Centerfire -11 drop is a great bat for the younger ball players entering into the introductory divisions of kid pitch. Read our more in-depth review on the Anderson Centerfire here...

2018 Anderson Techzilla Youth Bat

With a unique blend of speed and pop, the 2018 Anderson Techzilla S Series one of the best value bats to consider this year. Although the price is on the higher end of a value bat spectrum, we would definitely recommend this USA bat over many others carrying a more expensive price tag. The Techzilla comes end loaded for added pop while also featuring a light weight end cap which helps in creating balance when swinging through the zone. Being a 2-piece hybrid, this USA bat protects like a composite but feels like a lightweight alloy. With a cool dark green design and black synthetic grip tape, the 2018 Anderson Techzilla S Series has sharp look to match its performance. Read our more in-depth review on the Anderson Techzilla here...

2018 DeMarini CF Zen Youth Bat

The CF Zen is the only full composite USA bat DeMarini will produce for the 2018 season. This bat comes in a -10 length/weight ratio which is the drop most sluggers prefer. It houses a 2-piece construction featuring the company’s new Paraflex Composite Barrel Design synced with their classic 3Fusion End Cap and Handle Technology. This allows for drastically reduced shock vibration, ultra-balanced swing weight transfer, and enhanced durability. By combining new innovations with proven technology, it will optimize the entire hitting experience for youth ball players. Read our more in-depth review on the CF Zen here...


2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 Youth Bat

Without question, the Select 718 is one of the best USA bats in terms of overall performance. It features a 2-piece hybrid construction welded together by Louisville Slugger’s patented TRU3 technology for unmatched comfort, decreased shock, and supreme confidence. The ST7U1+ alloy barrel syncs perfectly with the its unique lightweight composite end cap giving hitters a wonderful blend of balance, speed, durability, and pop. The barrel also comes slightly end loaded adding a bit more power to a player’s swing. Wrapped around the composite handle is the always impressive Lizard Skin grip adding extra comfort for the hands. This has been one of the best overall USA bats we have reviewed thus far. This bat will work well with any size hitter since it comes in a  -5 drop or a -10 drop. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Anderson Centerfire Youth Bat

One of the latest additions to Anderson's arsenal, the 2018 Anderson Centerfire offers hitters consistent performance for a practical price. This youth bat utilizes a durable single wall one-piece high grade aerospace alloy barrel delivering a speedy and powerful collision on the baseball. If your hitter demonstrates some difficulties catching up to pitches in the strike zone, the Centerfire encompasses an ultra-balanced swing weight from knob to end cap. This will immensely assist hitters with achieving a level swing needed for maximizing performance. The more balanced a batter remains throughout his swing, the higher the percentage is that he or she will make solid line drive connections. In being a fully aluminum, no break in time is required making it ready for use out of the package. Recommended for players in divisions ranging from Tee Ball - early kid pitch.

2018 DeMarini Voodoo Youth Bat

The all-new Voodoo features 2-piece hybrid construction and comes in a -10 drop. In our opinion, this USA bat ranks among one of the better bats in terms of comfort, feel and overall performance enhancement. Both ends of this bat utilizes Demarini’s innovative 3Fusion technology providing hitters one of the most balanced USA bats on the market. The thick walled X14 Alloy barrel maximizes pop and releases a deafening sound when colliding with the baseball. Since it's a hybrid, it presents hitters with  that unique hybrid feel of gripping a solid composite handle and delivering a loud ping. The Voodoo will give your child the confidence to needed to fully rip into each pitch. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Mizuno Maxcor Youth Bat


As the new USA Bat Standard comes into effect, we believe that it will drastically decrease the offensive output. Mizuno has created a new youth baseball bat that advances far more than all the rest of the 2018 USA youth baseball bats. The 2018 Mizuno MaxCor boasts optimum power, speed, balance, and comfort. It comes with a patent-pending technology called the Viscoelastic Polyurethane Sleeve. The sleeve wraps entirely around the big barrel and creates more backspin thus resulting on higher flight of the baseball. Paired with the sleeve comes Mizuno's HotMetal alloy and CorTech Technology, providing youth hitters with optimum amount of pop, balance, durability, speed, and overall performance. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid Youth Bat

Some youth hitters have a preference, if yours' likes the feeling of a hybrid baseball bat, the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid is the way to go. It combines the speed and sound of an alloy with the power and comfort that only a composite bat delivers. The Beast X Hybrid features a combination of all of their new enhancements in their new 2018 line of youth baseball bat models. Identical to the 2018 Beast X, the Hybrid also features Easton's Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) which emits a deafening sound and some explosive power on the baseball. The large 2 5/8 barrel includes Easton's X-tended barrel design and Z-CORE internal technology. All of these advances in the Beast provide youth hitters with enlarged sweet spots and the longest barrel in youth baseball. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 DeMarini Voodoo One Youth Bat

If you are looking for the benefits of the Demarini Voodoo but would rather save some cash and go with a single piece aluminum construction, the 2018 Demarini Voodoo One is your go-to bat. In fact, the name of the bat describes itself perfectly. The only major difference between the Voodoo and the Voodoo One is the interior design. The Voodoo features a 2-piece hybrid design while the Voodoo One offers a single piece alloy construction. Both come with the 3Fusion end cap and both house a -10 length/weight ratio. While it is a lighter bat allowing for quicker swing speeds, based on our tests, the standard Demarini Voodoo will protect from shock more often. A big factor to consider when choosing among these bats is the budget you're looking at. There is a notable $80-$100 price difference. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Axe Origin Youth Bat

The Axe Origin along with it’s brother models (Element & Elite) have one specific feature differentiating themselves fromall the other 2018 USA Bat models.  They feature a unique one of a kind handle design with its Endogrid Technology and Flex Tune handle. Both of these features provide a comforted feel unlike any other. The Hyperwhip composite end cap coning the end of the 2 5/8 big barrel gives the Axe Origin added stability when ripping through the zone. In being a single piece alloy construction, the 2018 Axe Origin delivers a crushing sound when making contact with the traveling baseball. If comfort, grip and overall feel are high on your child’s list of priorities when choosing a youth bat, we recommend considering the Axe Origin USA bat. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite Youth Bat

The all-new Easton Beast X Hyperlite will be the only bat Easton releases with a barrel size of the original 2 1/4" barrel with the USA Bat label. It will also come with the same features as the rest of the Beast X line. Though the 2 1/4" barrel diameter is smaller than now-legal 2 5/8" barrel, the Beast X will deliver a hit just as strong. This bat will perfectly pair with younger or smaller hitters who often struggle finding contact with the ball at the mound. Overall, the Beast X Hyperlite will deal out a great medium between power and speed and feel identical to the past Easton youth bats. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Mizuno Generation Youth Bat

The Generation line by Mizuno has been it's most favored bat as the Mako line is to Easton. The Mizuno Generation youth bat will continue to be in it's arsenal for 2018. Fully aluminum, they have provided our youth bat volunteers with quality swings, increased swing speed, and maximum performance. We found that the Generation features the company's lightweight HotMetal alloy that makes the bat an unforgettable swing. Encorporating Mizuno's CorTech technology, youth hitters are allowed a massive sweet spot that shouldn't be reckoned with. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 DeMarini Uprising Youth Bat

Not much to say about this, so we'll keep it short and simple. Also in this year from Demarini's lineup, the Uprising 2 1/2" barrel offers the younger baseball players a solid "stick" for a great price. If your child plays in kid pitch divisions, the Uprising might do more harm than good. Nevertheless, this is a great USA bat for instilling fundamentals and good mechanics in a developing younger player. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Mizuno Ghost Youth Bat


The Mizuno Ghost is one of the very rare and few composite barrel USA bats available in 2018. It features Mizuno's patented Power Ring Technology allowing for no “break in” time for youth hitters. It also comes with a two-piece construction design which absorbs any shock vibration enhancing the comfortability in every at bat. Mizuno has also included their cylinder seaming technology. When combined with the black onyx composite material and Power Ring, it distributes the maximum performance and power allotted by the USA Bat Standard. If your family is in the market for a composite bat this season, you can’t go wrong with the 2018 Mizuno Ghost USA Bat. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Axe Elite Youth Bat

The Axe Bat Company brings 3 all new USA youth bats to the table this season. One of the being the all new 2018 Axe Elite, what we believe is one of their most strongest and durable youth baseball bats ever. During our evaluations, the Elite scored some of the highest scores of all of the new 2018 youth USA bats we've tested so far. Featuring an ultra light weight handle and newly redesigned handle, this youth bat definitely brings out the best in youth batters. Much like it's relative the Axe Element, we can tell the Axe Bat Company took the time to make sure that these bats will last for seasons to come. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat

The 2018 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite youth bat features all the innovative Easton technologies found in the Ghost X with a few variations. The primary difference between the two youth baseball bats centers around the actual configuration of the composite material. While the Ghost X (-10, drop -8, drop -5 drop) houses a 2-piece composite construction synced together by Easton’s revamped CONNEXION TECHNOLOGY, the Ghost X Hyperlite encompasses a single piece composite construction for those hitters who prefer a faster collision on the baseball. Being a single piece youth baseball bat, it carries less density in a hitter’s swing thereby making it ideal for those youth players who prefer a quicker/ faster swing over a heavier one. The Hyperlite also features Easton’s EXACT carbon composite material... Read our more in-depth review here...

The 2018 Easton Beast X Lineup (-5, -8, -10)



The 2018 Easton Beast X comes in three drops: -5 drop, -8 drop, and -10 drop. While the -5 and -8 drop feature an end-loaded swing weight, the -10 will feature a balanced swing weight making sure that youth hitters of all sizes and experience levels are accounted for. All three bats are fully aluminum encompassing Easton's Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction which produces an unparalleled sound and explosive energy on the baseball. The bigger 2 5/8" barrels also comes with a 1.4mm HYPERSKIN Grip making sure that youth hitters have a comfortable yet good feel with the bat. After conducting our tests and evaluations, we've concluded that the Beast X is a bat worth buying for the 2018 season. It's received some of the highest praise from our volunteer youth hitters and will definitely make its money's worth being aluminum. We have our entire evaluation of each bat breaking down the major categories for your convenience. Please click the links below to find out more information about which bat will be best suited for your kid this upcoming season.

the 2018 Easton Ghost X Lineup (-5, -8, -10)


The 2018 Easton Ghost X -10 Drop 30/20 has been labeled as decertified. It is now ineligible for all USA Baseball affiliations. Please refer to the top of this page for more information regarding returns with Easton.

Much like the Beast X above, the all new 2018 Easton Ghost X line comes in a variety of drops: -5, -8, and -10. They all feature the same newly developed technologies Easton has been dying to showcase. Such features are Easton's EXACT Carbon Composite material with a newly reengineered CONNEXION Technology which creates what Easton deems as the "Dynamic Feel System." After our vigorous and extensive evaluations, we're happy with the results produced by the Ghost line. All the bats in their varying drops received some of the highest scores from all of the bats we've tested thus far. To find out more information about their great individual properties we've already evaluated and tested, please follow the links below!

2018 Rawlings Quatro Youth Bat


For 2018, Rawlings has embraced the USA Bat standard by developing one of the most unique and innovative youth baseball bats ever created. The 2018 Rawlings Quatro USA Baseball youth bat displays a wide variety of technological advances that are sure to empower hitters. The Quatro features Rawlings’s exclusive 100% carbon fiber composite and Tru View Technology which provides maximum pop upon the baseball. The 2 5/8 barrel utilizes an extended construction with a lightweight end cap allowing for longer plate coverage, reduced swing weight, and faster swing speeds. The Rawlings’s Quatro also encompasses a unique 4 piece construction called the VDT (Vibration Dampening Technology) or Quatro Collar which features Focused Flex. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Rawlings Velo Youth Bat

The 2018 Rawlings Velo USA youth baseball bat was specifically designed to increase bat speed and balance when your little slugger swings through the strike zone. This youth baseball bat features a multitude of technological advancements geared towards making the hitting experience as comfortable and as smooth as possible. The 2018 Velo encases a single piece construction utilizing Rawlings’s Acoustic Alloy and Tru View technology. These two innovative additions coupled with Rawlings’s Precision Laser p0p 2.0 Technology provides youth hitters with a deafening sound, increased barrel flexibility, and stronger durability. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Mizuno Covert Youth Bat

Mizuno brings only one hybrid youth USA bat to the table this year and that's the Covert. Only available in a drop -9, this balanced swing weight features innovations geared towards creating optimum performance and a unparalleled sound. Throughout our evaluations, the Covert delivered the highest scores in Grip & Comfort and Durability. Needless to say, it paired well with batters who enjoy the uniqueness of a hybrid youth baseball bat. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Axe Element Youth Bat

The 2018 Axe Element aims high and delivers. It's single-piece construction features military-grade strength aluminum designed for durability and loud pops. When Axe went to the drawing board, they left out no details. Featuring an all-new ergonomic handle and Hyperwhip composite end cap, the Element allows for unmatched comfort, control, and vibration protection, things not normally found in an aluminum bat. We believe that the Axe Bat Company continues to be one of the most undervalued youth bat companies in the industry. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Rawlings 5150 Youth Bat


If value is what you are looking for in a USA Bat this year, the 2018 Rawlings 5150 should be high on your list of options. The 5150 packs an ultra-balanced swing weight in a single piece aluminum construction. The now larger 2 5/8 alloy barrel features the company’s 5150 alloy with a straight wall design providing for hitters a good blend of speed and pop. Like many Rawlings youth bats this year, the 5150 also comes with Tru View Technology and a helix grip upon the handle making it a very comfortable bat to swing. If your youth bat budget is under $100, the Rawlings 5150 is definitely a USA bat worth checking out. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Easton S650 Youth Bat

The design of the Easton S650 primarily aims to enhance bat speed over other aspects of a youth bat. Also a single aluminum piece construction composed of Easton’s 7050 Aircraft alloy material, the S650 offers a lightweight swing perfect for kids looking to increase bat speed. The S650 comes in both a -5 drop and -10 drop making this model accessible to almost every size player. As a means to elevate the levels of comfort and balance, the 2 5/8 big barrel is domed by a spoke end cap. Overall, it distributes a smooth transition when ripping across the strike zone boosting the confidence of any youth baseball player especially those who have trouble making contact. The best aspect of this youth baseball is the low price. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 Youth Bat


If increasing your child's swing speed is what you are looking to improve, the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 aims to provide just that. With an ultra-balanced and lightweight design, it helps hitters catch up to pitches hurled in the strike zone. The Solo 618 is a single piece alloy construction composed of Louisville Slugger’s SL Hyper Alloy material. It is also on record for providing the fastest swing speed of any Louisville in the USA bat family. The super stiff aluminum handle comes wrapped in the famous Lizard Skins Grip adding to an already comfortable feel. We feel like it is a great bat for those hitters displaying difficulties making contact on the baseball. Read our more in-depth review...

2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Youth Bat

Over the years, the Omaha line of youth bats from Louisville has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable, durable, and well-rounded bats available on the market for a more than affordable price. The 2018 USA bat edition extends this tradition by another year. It features a single piece alloy construction of the company’s ST7U1+ aluminum material (same type of alloy found in the Select 718). Like most Louisville Slugger models, the handle comes wrapped with a Lizard Skins grip providing extra comfort around a stiff feel of an alloy handle. With a new 6-star end cap and “hot out of the wrapper” performance, this USA bat has proven to be one of the best valued bats on the market. Read our more in-depth review here...

2018 Louisville Slugger Vapor Youth Bat


When it comes to value, most bats won’t reach the level of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Vapor USA bat. It comes with a single piece alloy construction featuring a 7 Series alloy and a standard 7/8-inch handle. It also comes with a length/weight ratio of -9 which can only be found in a few bats this upcoming season. If parents are not looking to break the bank this season and still wants a quality bat for their child(ren), consider the Vapor a steal. Read our more in-depth review here...

Here at 18YB, we're keen on keeping our visitors with the most updated information on all the new and upcoming youth bats even well beyond the 2018 baseball season. We're regularly adding new information and updating existing regarding the bats we've already reviewed.

What You Need To Know When Buying A New Youth Bat:

Success at the plate is highly dependent on choosing the correct bat for your kids. There are plenty of factors that go into choosing the best youth baseball bat. Parents, it is your obligation to select the right one for your kids. The bat’s weight, length, material, and barrel diameter are just a few specifications to consider when buying a new youth bat. By doing all the research for you and organizing it onto one page, we hope that we are providing you with the best quality information when you are looking for a new youth baseball bat. By choosing the correct bat, you will help your kid achieve his goals at home and at the plate.

Before getting on to selecting the best youth baseball bat for your kid, please check all rules and regulations regarding your league. Starting January 1st, 2018, most youth baseball leagues will be implementing a rule change to the youth baseball bats. If you are 14 years old or younger and play Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, PONY, Dixie or AABC, you will need to use a new bat marked with the new USABat Stamp.

1. Weight: Let’s start off with one of the most important things when selecting the best youth bat, choosing the right weight. Choosing the right weight will give your kid full control and the ability to make contact with the ball thus increasing the chances of a base hit or home run. A bat too heavy will have your kid swinging more foul balls or striking out and vice-versa, a bat that is too light and you can forget about your kid hitting a home run. To select the ideal proper weight for your kid, we recommend using the table below. The ‘Rules of Thumb for Recommended Bat Weights’ were studied and created by Bahill and his colleagues. (For calculating bat weight from the formulas, please use inches (height), pounds (weight), and years (age).

Youth Hitter Age Bat Weight Calculation Formula
11 - 12 Years Old
Weight/18 + 16
9 - 10 Years Old
Height/3 + 4
7 - 8 Years Old
Age x 2 + 4

Everyone’s little batter comes in all different shapes and sizes, has different strengths, and different swings. Bigger and stronger kids will lean towards a heavier baseball bat for maximum power. Batters who don’t have as much power find lighter bats more beneficial as it allows them to swing with a greater bat speed.

2. Length: Another important factor to consider in conjunction with the right weight is the correct length when considering a new youth bat. The length of the bat is just as important as the weight since it affects the way your kids swings. Longer bats allows for better reaches of the ball but they have a tendency to be heavier and could result in slowing the swing down. If you don’t believe us, believe one of the all-time best players of the game, Babe Ruth. He once said, “I then began experimenting with the length, and found out what I should have known all along, that I could do better with a shorter bat. …Going to the shorter bat was one of my best moves, and I have wondered many times since why any player would bother with swinging a stick an inch or two longer than was absolutely necessary.” We agree with Babe, we think it’s safe to say he was one of the all-time best players of the game. For your convenience, we have provided our table for deciding the recommended bat length.

We are currently conducting testing with our Youth Hitting Team to provide you with better and more accurate tools when selecting the perfect bat for youth hitters Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our free tools.

Youth Hitter AgeBat Length
5 - 7 Years Old 24" - 26"
8 - 9 Years Old 26" - 28"
10 Years Old 28" - 29"
11 - 12 Years Old 30" - 31"
13- 14 Years Old 31" - 32"
15 - 16 Years Old 32" - 33"
17+ Years Old 33" - 34"

We say both length and weight are the most vital in finding the most perfect youth bat maximizing your kid’s potential.

3. Material: Here’s where youth bats become a little less strict when it comes to selecting a new youth bat for your youth batter. There are 3 main types of bat material when it comes to a new baseball bat. The three are: Composite, Alloy (generally Aluminum), and Wood.

Composite baseball bats are made of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer or “composite” into the bat. If you ever see a hybrid bat, that means part of the bat is made of composite material and the rest is made out of either aluminum or wood. Composite bats are more on the expensive side of youth baseball bats, however they have their advantages. Generally speaking, composite bats have been designed to improve their trampoline effect over time. If you aren’t sold by that fact, how about increased swing weight, a larger sweet-spot, bending stiffness, and lower bending vibrations? Unfortunately, not everything is perfect as composite bats have a chance of cracking when it’s cold out.

Aluminum (Alloy) Bats are also called metal bats. They have been around longer and have had more experience in the baseball field than composite bats. Aluminum baseball bats perform the best when it is brand new out of the wrapper and will generally see a decline in performance as the bat undergoes the normal wear and tear. Unlike composite bats, there is no ‘break-in’ period with the aluminum bats. Although aluminum bats tend to be cheaper than composite bats, they tend to have a smaller ‘sweet-spot’ and less ‘pop’ than composite bats. All-in-all, if you are looking for a cheaper bat, go with the aluminum, it will save your wallet, since they generally last longer than composite bats.

Wood Bats are very popular in the big leagues; however we don’t recommend youth baseball hitters using them other than for practice. This is because they are less forgiving than composite or aluminum bats and they require far more accuracy during the contact to make the ball go farther. However, they are very durable and like aluminum bats they don’t need to be broken in.

4. Barrel Diameter: Please note: The 2018 USA Bat Standard rule change now allows the use of 2 5/8” big barrel bats for all ages. Youth baseball bat hitters will now because able to use either 2 ¼” or 2 5/8” inch barrel diameter as long as they carry the new USABat Stamp. In small barrel-sized bats, the weight is more evenly distributed and will give your kid a faster swing-speed and better control. However a larger barrel size will allow a bigger sweet spot which will give your kid a better chance at hitting it farther.

Parents, we know the right baseball bat for your son or daughter is a daunting task and it does require a little bit of work. That’s why we developed our hitting team of youth baseball batters to help us fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of your next baseball bat. We provide training and a day of fun where kids will get to learn how to improve their craft of baseball, while adults and parents alike get to learn which baseball bat will be the most beneficial on their own playing-field. We hope that by writing this and explaining which baseball bat will be the best for the youth, you will be able or at least one step closer to choosing the correct one. However, if you still have questions about selecting the right bat for your kid, please contact us or use our Coach’s Bat Recommendation tool.

How To Properly Maintain and Take Care of Youth Bats:

Parents, whether it’s a new youth bat for practice or the upcoming youth baseball season, we all know youth bats do not come cheap. They come in all different materials, weights, lengths, and most importantly prices. Over time, bats lose their fresh out of the wrapper smell and look. They get covered in ball marks and dents, and the worst of all cracks which by the way, umpires deem unusable. For the love of youth baseball, we don’t want you to have to shell out more money than you have to when buying a one and we want to protect your investments by offering more than a just few tips and tricks on properly maintaining and caring for your bats. Feel free to teach your kids as they should be the one with knowledge and responsibility of knowing the ins and outs of their bat.

As you may have learned, although alloy bats last longer than composite bats, the rules of taking care of them are the same. Here are a few things you should avoid when trying to properly take care of your youth bat:

  1. Although the Major League players make it seem cool, DON’T tap the bat against the bottom of your cleats or spikes. The composite or alloy will start to chip away and eventually speed up the process of the inevitable wear and tear of the bat.

  2. Avoid it anywhere that might have really hot or cold temperatures, especially your car. The epoxy that holds the end cap of the bat will constantly expand and contract thus loosening the grip resulting in loose or uneven end caps.

  3. Try to avoid using the youth bat in batting cages. Obviously, using the bat more and more will also speed up the process of the wear and tear. Our solution to this problem Is using last season’s bat, getting a wood or training bat for use.

  4. We find that the most important thing to do when properly maintaining your bat is to make sure to rotate the barrel at least a 1/8 rotation every time you hit the ball. Most baseball bat manufacturers have made it easy by putting indicators on youth bats to remind you where you should rotate it. By rotating the bat barrel, it preserves the walls of the wall keeping the bat alive as long as possible while maximizing a longer period of bat performance.

Keeping those major rules in mind, we have also found the most effective methods when cleaning your bat are:

  1. We believe that the number one best way to clean your aluminum or composite youth bat is with a Magic Eraser! Believe it or not, don't go it until you try it. They will take off the majority of the scuffs and marks on your bat. Add a little bit of water to your bat and start scrubbing. You will be amazed at how quickly the scuffs that wouldn't come off with dish soap and a cloth would with an eraser.

  2. Markwort Clean Up Batter Bat Cleaner – Spread a little onto a micro-fiber cloth or sponge and rub away! It has cleaned off a year’s worth of ball marks and makes a youth baseball bat look new again. It has multiple uses including using it for cleaning left over grip residue, cleaning helmets, batting gloves, and baseballs.

  3. The good old spit and shine method doesn’t hurt to try, it’s free and easily accessible however you won’t find it as easy as the other methods listed above.

We think that teaching your kids how to properly maintain and clean their bats is just as important of knowing the rules of how to play baseball. It’s a big responsibility, after all, some cost just as much as a monthly payment on a car, the latest gaming console, or a month’s worth of groceries for some.

For More Information On Buying A New Youth Bat: