2018 Rawlings velo youth bat review

2018 Rawlings Velo-100.jpg

SUMMARY:The 2018 Rawlings Velo USA youth baseball bat was specifically designed to increase bat speed and balance when your little slugger swings through the strike zone. This youth baseball bat features a multitude of technological advancements geared towards making the hitting experience as comfortable and as smooth as possible. The 2018 Velo encases a single piece construction utilizing Rawlings’s Acoustic Alloy and Tru View technology. These two innovative additions coupled with Rawlings’s Precision Laser p0p 2.0 Technology provides youth hitters with a deafening sound, increased barrel flexibility, and stronger durability. The large 2 5/8 barrel comes equipped with Rawlings’s Composite-Light End Cap allowing for an ultra-balanced swing weight, faster swing speeds, and added pop when colliding with the baseball. The synthetic bat grip offers hitters a stiff and confident clutch upon the handle. The 2018 Rawlings Velo USA youth baseball bat is for hitters who are looking to quicken their swing speeds after stepping to the plate. This bat is highly recommended for those youth players labeled as “contact hitters” because of its ultimate balance and overall comfort level. Remember, this youth baseball bat is technically a hybrid because the end cap comes equipped with composite material, but 95% of the bat is alloy. It’s a great bat to use especially if you are concerned the new USA Bat standard might negatively affect your youth ball player’s swing.

OUR REVIEW: After evaluating the 2018 Rawlings Velo USA Bat, the majority of our staff believe it is the best USA youth bat for the upcoming season specifically for contact hitters. Much to our surprise, the Velo garnered more positive feedback than any other USA bat in regards to balance equilibrium and maintaining a level swing. If your hitter aims to generate maximum pop with his or her bat, please check out our review on the youth composite bat, Rawlings Quatro which offers a more impactful swing. The purpose of the Velo is to create confidence, enhance mechanics, and deliver a fluid swing with every on-the-plate appearance. After over 250 documented swings, below is our official review of the 2018 Rawlings Velo USA youth bat.

POP: During the pop portion of our evaluation, the Velo provided adequate pop for our hitters. As stated earlier, the Velo isn’t meant to cover more distance or showcase more power than the other USA bats like the Quatro. For a youth bat that is geared towards enhancing balance and speed, the Velo offers decent pop. One particular youth volunteer commented, "Having a chance to swing both the Quatro and the Velo today, the Quatro hit the ball farther but the Velo gave me the most line drives."


VIBRATION CONTROL: Our vibration control score came directly from the scorecards of our youth volunteer hitters. 15% of players who tested out this youth bat reported feeling a consistent vibration to the hands. When compared to the other 2018 USA bats, the Velo does an above average job with controlling the stings upon a hitter’s grip.


GRIP & COMFORT: Between the Velo and Quatro, the Rawlings bat company has done a great job offering youth hitters a confident and smooth swing. Many of our volunteer players noted achieving quick swing speeds and chopping through the strike zone with supreme balance. Many volunteers also stated that that the Velo had the lightest feel of all the USA bats they tested. One of our hitters said, “The Velo was the easiest bat to swing today.”


DURABILITY: Our staff thoroughly examined the 2018 Rawlings Velo barrels and noticed only typical handling marks and scratches. After over 250 solid swings with strong contact, the alloy for the Velo showed no signs of major damage (dents or cracks).


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Of all the 2018 USA youth bats we have tested, none have provided more consistently balanced, level, and fast swings than the Velo. Although it doesn’t give the most pop amongst USA bats, our staff recommends this bat for players looking emphasize and work on quicker swings and confident plate appearances.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.875 / 10