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Updated: August 2018

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A short introduction

Welcome and thanks for visiting 2018 Youth Bats! Our goal is simple: to provide you with the most honest and unbiased youth baseball bat reviews and information. We are baseball parents/coaches just like you. We strive to deliver the most resourceful and detailed analysis giving your kids and ours the best suitable baseball gear and equipment. We understand the difficulties that ensue when searching for the perfect bat that compliments your child's ability and hitting style. By developing a rigorous testing method that focuses on evaluating 5 major elements of a bat, our team has removed the guesswork for you. We hope that you will enjoy reading our bat reviews and evaluations, as we certainly love writing them. If you like what you see, please make sure to share us throughout your baseball community as this is the best way for us to grow.

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2018 Demarini Voodoo (-10)

The all-new Demarini Voodoo is a 2 piece hybrid construction that packs a force to be reckoned with. Newly added innovations like the 3Fusion connection technology and the 100% composite handle make the Voodoo one of the most balanced and comfortable USA bat available. The Voodoo scored high in our tests in shock/stinging vibration with many of our volunteers giving the youth bat overwhelmingly positive scores. Continuing with their long line of quality alloy material, the X14 alloy barrel provides thicker walls for increasing durability and performance. Our team is more excited to see how the public takes to the Voodoo. Its a bat that can benefit any type of hitter. Put simply, the Voodoo is a great overall youth USA bat that doesn't require much experience or skill level to handle. 

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2018 Mizuno Maxcor (-5)

Mizuno's Maxcor is definitely a bat that shines through and stands out from the rest. While we were super excited to test the Maxcor, we knew that it would perform to our liking. Throughout our evaluations, the MaxCor repeatedly out drove the majority of USA bats we tested. Pair that with a great score in the categories of vibration control and durability, you have one of our highest rated and recommended bats for the up coming season for power hitters. Mizuno spent a lot of time researching new technologies featured in the MaxCor. Such technologies are its Viscoelastic Polyurethane Sleeve, Mizuno's HotMetal alloy, and CorTech for pop, balance, durability, speed, and overall performance. All of these contribute to making the Maxcor one of the best USA-approved youth bats for the 2018 season.

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WE've reviewed and ranked the best 3 composite USA youth bats for 2018:
(So you don't have to)

After careful consideration and much deliberation, we are more than excited to share with you our picks for the best 3 composite youth USA bats for 2018. We've gone through hundreds of swings and dozens of tests to bring you the best results. We base our picks on 4 specific categories: Pop (P), Grip & Comfort (GC), Vibration Control (VC), and Durability (D). These 4 elements ultimately lead to our Overall Score (OS). From these carefully crafted tests, we are able to identify which new USA youth bat really stands out from the crowd.

#3: Mizuno Ghost USA Youth Bat (-10)

The 2018 Mizuno Ghost comes packed with all new patented technologies Mizuno hasn't offered in the past. These attributes include its Black Onyx Barrel, Speed Helix Grip, and Power Ring Technology. Although it doesn't take our number 1 seed, what it does have is a balanced swing weight that's easy to maneuver into the sweet spot for any experience levels. For that reason alone, it puts itself into our 3rd place spot.

#2: Easton Ghost X USA Youth Bat (Drop -5, -8, & -10)

Considering all 3 drops needing a different style of player, the Easton Ghost X Drop -5, Drop -8, and Drop -10 makes its way into our 2nd place spot. All 3 drops scored noticeably higher when ranked against all of our evaluated other bats and surely scored the 2nd highest when compared to all of our reviewed and evaluated composite bats. All-new and coupled with an X-Tended Barrel Design making it the longest composite barrel, the Easton Ghost X definitely packs a punch. The Ghost definitely scored our highest in our Pop and Grip & Comfort categories making it a bat wanted by many of our volunteers. Not to be confused with the Mizuno Ghost, the Easton Ghost X is also a great youth bat for players of all ages, sizes, and skill levels.

#1: Rawlings Quatro USA Youth Bat (-10)

Featuring an all-new, never before designed, four piece construction (hence, "Quatro"), the Rawlings Quatro drop -10 takes our number 1 spot on this list. Not only did it deliver high scores, it delivered the ball much farther than we expected. Due to the Carbon Fiber Composite incorporated into the bat, we believe that our batters had a much more efficient swing/hit ratio than all of the other bats we've tested. It surely gives hitters a sense of confidence when stepping up to the plate which leads into more on-base hits resulting into more runs. Be sure to check out the Quatro if you're looking for the
best bang-for-your-buck youth bat.

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