2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution Youth Bat Review

Ghost X Evolution Drop -10 Shown. -8 and -5 have a different look but an awesome color way.

YEAR: 2019
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -10
Two Piece Fully Composite
Balanced Swing Weight
CXN Evolution w/Nitrocell (Enhanced Comfort, Feel)
Flex Barrel Technology (Maximum Performance & Feel)
Easton's EXACT Carbon (Pop & Speed)
New Speed End Cap (Enhanced Barrel Response)
Easton's Lizard Skin Grip Certified - USABAT Stamped Approved - Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AAU, AABC, USSSA & Cal Ripken


Our Summary Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

When the USA Bat Standard came into fruition last season, the most anticipated bat model from any brand was the fully composite Ghost X by Easton. Despite a manufacturer flaw that forced USA Baseball to decertify the 30in./20oz. options, the Ghost X distributed productive results and efficiently consistent slugging production. The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution stands to improve upon an already dynamic and user-friendly offensive instrument. The newly designed Ghost X Evolution features a two piece fully composite construction linked by the CXN Evolution which utilizes Nitrocell foam creating an ultra- light weight yet powerfully comfortable swing. The 2 5/8 barrel and handle feature Easton’s Exact Carbon Technology developed specifically to improve on pop and speed simultaneously with a wider sweet spot and enhanced durability compared to last year’s edition. As with all Easton USA Bats this season, The Ghost X Evolution comes equipped with a new Speed End Cap and Lizard Skins grip tape pre-wrapped around the handle. All these innovative mechanical advances help deliver a supremely balanced swing weight, unmatched control, and a perfect combination of pop and speed when ripping through the strike zone. The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution – 10 drop is a true evolution of composite youth USA bats.

Our Review Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

With about 9 made in the USA bat manufacturers supplying USA Bats during the inaugural USABat Standard season in 2018, none had more pressure to provide a premium product more than overall most selling youth baseball equipment company Easton. While some corporations waited until the beginning of Spring 2018 to unveil their new models, Easton chose to take a “first-to-market” approach releasing their Ghost X and Beast X in September of 2017 along with other models of USA Bats. Looking back, Easton probably should have placed a higher emphasis on the research and development aspect of creating their leading model, the Ghost X. While the Ghost X did well in our evaluations and bought success to many players across the country, others found this model lacking Easton’s legendary pop and steady control. In fact, the Ghost X -10 30/20 fell victim to decertification for its inability to perform at USA Bat Standards as the season progressed.

As the USA Bat Standard enters its second season, Easton can’t help but feel added pressure to not just produce a high-quality offensive instrument, but avoid embarrassing decertifications. As a means to rebrand, Easton has come out with a new Ghost X version featuring an all new cosmetic design, new name, and hopefully, and more user-friendly experience than the first edition.  After approximately 300+ swings making solid contact, the following is our results for the 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution USA Bat.

Evaluating The Pop Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

No doubt, one of the biggest comparisons the youth baseball community will make regarding the new Ghost X Evolution is the level of pop achieved vs the Ghost X of 2018. At 2018youthbats, we placed a high emphasis on examining the pop of both evaluations. This year’s edition demonstrated higher levels of pop when compared to the 2018 Ghost X in each of the drops -10, -8, & -5. Through observation and recorded data, the new Ghost X Evolution sends the ball further with its reengineered sweet spot and weight distribution. One of our volunteer youth hitters stated the following after concluding this section of the evaluation,

“The new Ghost is a monster. I like it so much better than the old one. I hit the ball so much harder.”  


Calculating The Vibration Control Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

In order to determine how well a youth bat can protect against shock vibrations, our staff collects immediate feedback through extensive and specific questions upon the conclusion of each station as well as any information recorded on our volunteer hitter’s scorecards. According to our volunteers, the Ghost X Evolution regulated vibration control for approximately 90% of the at solid hits absorbed.


Assessing The Grip & Comfort Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

Per the norm for any high-end premiere Easton bat, the it comes pre-wrapped with the company’s signature tape called the “Lizard Skins” wrap which is a favorite among ball players across the country. This special grip coupled with a smooth and balanced weight distribution provided our volunteers with a level and steady swing. When using the Ghost X Evolution, expect the actual weight to reach 1.5oz. – 2.0 oz. more than what is stamped on the barrel. Some feedback from another volunteer:

“The Ghost X Evolution was very easy to swing and felt very light weight for being a composite. I love the Easton grip tape too. The whole bat feels good and looks great.”


Measuring The Durability Of The Easton Ghost X Evolution:

Throughout our evaluations for all 2019 USA Bat models, the Ghost X Evolution received more requests from our volunteer hitters than any other youth bat. Needless to say, the Ghost X Evolution took on closer to 400 impacts of solid contact. Besides many scratches and scuffs, these specific youth bats incurred no structural damage. It’s safe to state that Easton’s Ghost X Evolution will continue to deliver results well passed one year of use.


Overall Experience Of The 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution:

We honestly feel that Easton has more than compensated for last season’s concerns with the 2019 Ghost X Evolution. Our staff had great confidence this 2 piece composite from Easton would address the concerns from the first edition and the evaluation results show this. It comes in a -5, -8, & -10. No matter what size and set of skills your player possesses, the Ghost X Evolution delivers optimum offensive production through a subtle blend of pop, control, and bat speed.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.25 / 10