Top-Rated Youth USA Bats of 2020

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2020 Louisville Slugger Prime Youth USA Bat

The 2020 Louisville Slugger Prime USA Bat utilizes a 3 piece fully composite connection and an ultra-balanced swing weight with enough LS innovations to be considered one of the best USA bats this upcoming season. Coming as a -10 drop option, the new Prime will have Microform Composite filling the big 2 5/8 barrel and a new RTX End Cap providing batters with an extended sweet spot and added strength. The composite handle comes prewrapped with LS’s Pro Grip for extra cushion and comfort. The 2020 Louisville Slugger Prime USA Bat will elevate offensive productivity for any batter using it. It’s an excellent options for power and contact hitters.

Full 2020 Louisville Slugger Prime Youth Bat Review

2020 DeMarini Voodoo Youth USA Bat

The 2020 DeMarini Voodoo USA bat is a two-piece hybrid utilizing special X14 Alloy within the barrel and a Paraflex Plus Composite material in the handle. Both parts are linked by Demarini’s 3 Fusion Connection Technology that will maximize your player’s comfort by allowing for optimum transfer of energy back through the barrel rather than flowing within the handle causing stining vibrations. The top is domed by a new ReACTION End Cap making the bat more responsive to hard shots without compensating for bat speed. The 2020 Demarini Voodoo comes as a -10 drop and a -5 drop perfect for any age ball player.

Full 2020 DeMarini Voodoo Youth Bat Review

2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro Youth USA Bat

The 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro is unlike any USA Bat that has ever been produced. Coming as a 2 piece composite in a -12, -10, or -8 drop, the Quatro Pro has a newly engineered Multi Disk System within the confines of the 2 5/8 barrel allotting the batter added velocity and power when connecting with the baseball. Capping the top of the barrel is Rawlings ultra-light end cap delivering more speeds and balance to the hitter. The Focus Flex & Q4 Technological Systems nearly diminish all negative shock vibration and barrel drag while administering one of the most reactive swings in youth USA baseball. The 2020 Rawlings Quatro Pro USA Bat has a legitimate opportunity to be the best most well-rounded USA bat ever produced.   

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2020 Louisville Slugger Select Youth USA Bat

The new 2020 Louisville Slugger Select USA Bat will provide all the same amazing offensive performance the USA Baseball community is accustomed to seeing from this model. The Select will come as a -10, -8, and a -5 making it suitable for hitters of all statures and ages. The barrel will encompass strong and durable ST 7U1+ alloy material with its patented SBC end cap. The fully composite handle fuses securely with the barrel by utilizing Louisville’s premiere connection technology called VCX connection. All of these technologically sounds advancements makes the 2020 Louisville Slugger Select USA Bat a continual powerhouse in the USA bat market and one of the best hybrids ever.

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2020 Rawlings Threat USA Youth Bat

The 2020 Rawlings Threat -12 drop brings to the youth bat market a USA bat that is specifically designed to minimize swing weight and create a lighter more comfy feel when ripping through the strike zone. As a one piece fully composite, the Threat features an end cap and grip that produces quicker bat speed velocities and supreme protection from unwanted sting vibrations. The Carbon Fiber Composite material will help elevate your youth hitter’s pop numbers while still being a very lightweight option. Lastly, the new Threat will come with an entirely new color scheme will be one of the coolest looking youth bats on the market.

Full 2020 Rawlings Threat Youth USA Bat Review

2020 Rawlings Velo ACP USA Youth Bat

The 2020 Rawlings Velo ACP USA Bat comes as a one-piece alloy with a newly designed end cap system that makes the new Velo one of the smoothest and most fluid bats to swing in all of youth USA baseball. The 2” composite end cap helps to fully optimize a lightweight feel and supreme balance even more than season’s past. Like last year’s Velo, the new edition will feature p0p 2.0 technology which provides added pop through an enlarged sweet spot region and increased flex in the barrel. The Velo ACP will come as a -10 for ball players 12 years and under and also a -5 drop for the older sluggers of USA Junior Divisions. Just like the past two seasons, the 2020 Rawlings Velo ACP USA bat is aa reliable option for achieving consistent offensive productivity while parents aren’t breaking the bank. The Velo is one of the best bats for its price.  

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