How we evaluate youth baseball bats

The evaluation process

In order to accumulate the most authentic and resourceful information on youth baseball bats, our team has developed an evaluation process centered on analyzing 5 key functions:

  1. Pop
  2. Durability
  3. Vibration Control
  4. Grip & Comfort
  5. Overall Experience

In order to achieve these results, each evaluation process utilizes the following assets:

  • Baseball Field that meets Little League regulations
  • Hitting Cage with dimensions measuring at least 65' X 13' X 10'
  • Baseball Equipment that focuses on hitting (pitching machine, tee, bats, etc...)
  • Devices and Software that measures, records, and analyzes data efficiently.
  • 2018YouthBat Team Members for administering and overseeing the process.
  • "Scorecards" - document focused on gathering feedback from our youth hitters.

In order to ensure these results are genuine and accurate, we rely on a diverse group of youth hitters varying in:

  • Ages between 5-13.
  • Build/Frame small, medium, large.
  • Experience Level measured by completed seasons and estimated number of career at bats.
  • Skill Level - beginner, average, above average, or all-star.
  • Type of Hitter - Contact or Power.

Once an evaluation process has concluded, we formulate a performance review based upon:

  • Measured numerical data
  • Recorded observational data
  • Direct feedback from the youth hitters
  • Manufacturer's description and expectations


Once our team has collected a predetermined number of new youth baseball bats, we begin organizing and coordinating the evaluation day event.

  • First - We determine a specific date, time, and location to administer the bat evaluations.
  • Second - We extend an invitation to our youth hitting team that features a liability waiver and specific registration instructions to be completed a legal guardian within 7 days of the scheduled evaluation day.
  • Third - For the youth players in attendance, 2018youthbats will provide entertainment, lunch, refreshments, and a chance to win prizes including the opportunity to take home a 2018 youth bat of the winner's choice.

For the upcoming 2018 baseball season, our team is seeking to travel across the US with our evaluation process. Destinations will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Number of registered volunteer hitters in a specific region.
  • Accessibility to baseball fields and cages.
  • Weather conditions
  • Number of RSVP confirmations

If you have any questions regarding our evaluation process, feel free to ask via our contact us page.