2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series Youth Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
MODEL: Techzilla S Series
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -8
End Loaded Swing Weight
Anderson's M1 Aerospace Alloy Barrel
2 Piece Hybrid Construction
New Lightweight End Cap (Enhanced Barrel Performance)
Certified - USABAT Stamped Approved - Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AAU, AABC, USSSA & Cal Ripken


Our Summary Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

Last season in 2018, the Anderson Bat Company ended up being one of the last youth bat manufacturing companies to bring forth a USA Bat to the baseball equipment market. The 2019 Anderson TechZilla S-Series USA Bat adds to an already stellar line of TechZilla editions that have enhanced the offense production for little sluggers for many years. The new version comes in a -8 drop with an end loaded swing weight and a 2-piece hybrid construction made specifically for the older divisions of USA Baseball. The 2 5/8 barrel comes with Anderson’s M1 Alloy giving players enhanced pop and durability behind the end loaded design. The TaperFlex contour composite handle will provide unmatched feel and extra flex held within the batter’s grip when ripping through the strike zone. Lastly, the new TechZilla features a newly designed lightweight end cap that will optimize overall barrel performance assisting with producing level swings and solid line drives. 

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Our Review Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

Every season we have evaluated USA bats, the Anderson Bat Company has always presented quality youth USA bats for young ball players. As a Southern California based company, Anderson makes their home in our region and 2018youthbats couldn’t be happier to review and evaluate a local brand. Just like the truck model Silverado is relatable to Chevrolet, the bat model Techzilla is relatable to Anderson. This year of 2019, The Techzilla comes as a power bat for kids that aim for home runs and big shots. With its -8 drop and end loaded 2 5/8 barrel, the 2019 Anderson Techzilla S-Series looks to crush bombs for those players skilled enough to weld an off balanced metal youth bat. After approximately 250+ swings of solid contact, below are our results for the new Techzilla S-Series by Anderson.

Evaluating The Pop Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

As stated previously, the 2019 Techzilla was designed to elevate the level of pop and overall power more than any other aspect of a player’s swing. Anderson packed the sweet spot of the Techzilla with as much alloy material as the USA Bat Standard allows, and it transparently showed during the pop station. When testing this USA bat on its pop potential, we selectively utilized youth baseball players ranging from ages 10-12 with an extensive youth career and above average hitting skills. Out of the six volunteers, all of them had glowing praise for the Techzilla’s ability to achieve distance. One particular hitter stated the following,

“The new Techzilla is the most powerful bat I have used so far and that includes the Ghost X from Easton.”


Calculating The Vibration Control Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

Encompassing a hybrid 2-piece construction as well as featuring an all new grip, the Techzilla was expected to protect well against incoming shock vibrations to the hitter’s hands. Out of 250+ solid contacts with the baseball and over 150 other foul ball connections, the 2019 Techzilla allowed for negative stings approximately 5% of the time.


Assessing the Grip & Comfort of the 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

The 2019 Techzilla comes end loaded. For those not too familiar with baseball terminology, this means the sweet spot of this bat packs an uneven amount of alloy mass rather than evenly scattering the material throughout the barrel. The USA Bat Standard allows for only a certain amount of metal within each bat, so when a youth baseball bat comes end loaded, a player can expect an unbalanced weight distribution but much more pop potential within the confines of the sweet spot. Having stated this, the new Techzilla is less easy to swing than Anderson’s other USA bat option the Centerfire which does come perfectly balanced. For this reason, we only recommend utilizing an end loaded barrel if the hitter has enough fundamentals to where they can adjust to a uniquely different swing with every pitch.


Measuring The Durability Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

One of the best qualities a player will find in an Anderson bat is the durability and strength of the barrel. The Anderson Bat Company has developed a reputation for manufacturing youth bats with the ability to withstand a full season of punishment. During our evaluation of the 2019 Anderson Techzilla S-Series, the three bats in our possession came away with minor damage, scuffs and other handling marks. Not present were any dents, cracks, dings, or abrasions that would lead to decertification.


Overall Experience Of The 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series:

Like every Anderson Bat Company we evaluate, the new 2019 Anderson Techzilla S-Series has earned high scores from our staff and our youth volunteer USA baseball players. Please note, this bat focuses primarily on elevating levels of pop among power hitters rather than increase speed for contact hitters or developing fundamentals for beginning batters. The end loaded barrel mixed with the composite handle is a great tool for big sluggers ages 10-12 who are looking to send the ball over the fence.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.125 / 10