2019 Marucci Cat 8 BBCOR Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -3
AZ105 Alloy (Added Strength & High Response Rate)
AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob (Optimzed Feel)
Ergonomic Handle (Removable Taper w/Ergonmic Knob)
Ring Free Barrel (Increased Flex & Performance)
Multi-Variable Barrel Wall Design
One Piece Alloy Construction
Certified - BBCOR
Approved - Junior Division Little League, High School & College


Our Summary Of The 2019 Marucci Cat 8 BBCOR Baseball Bat:

As the most popular bat model under the Marucci brand, the CAT has always been a staple of excellence within the baseball community for its ability to exploit the most of a batter’s potential. The 2019 Marucci CAT 8 hits the market possessing many of the same proven technologies with a few new patented innovative advancements. This one piece alloy construction delivers a consistently clean and more precise level swing by containing holding a lower M.O.I. The barrel comes with a new and improved AZ105 Alloy material is a thin walled alloy which is also the strongest aluminum Marucci has ever developed.  The tapered handle comes wrapped with a soft to the touch grip tape and AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob. These two elements allow for maximum feel, additional control, and ultimate comfort with less negative stings upon the hitter’s grip. Lastly, the new CAT will house a ring-free barrel construction crucial for intensifying barrel flex for harder hit baseballs. The 2019 Marucci CAT 8 BBCOR will take your hitting game to new levels of consistency, power, and performance.

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