2019 Axe Avenge One Youth Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -10
Patented Axe Handle (Maximum Control & Comfort)
Charged Carbon Composite ( Larger Sweet Spot)
HyperWhip Composite End Cap (Faster Swing Speeds)
Endogrid Technology (Reduced Shock Vibrations)
One Piece Composite Balanced Swing Weight
Certified - USABAT Stamped Approved - Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AAU, AABC, USSSA & Cal Ripken


Our Summary Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

As the first fully composite model in the Axe USA bat lineup, the 2019 Avenge One offers youth hitters the quickest, lightest, and most balanced swing from any Axe bat option. As with each Axe bat in 2019, the Avenge One comes equipped with the company’s patented ergonomically designed handle that gives batters additional barrel control and maximized comfort when ripping at pitches through the strike zone. As a means to further optimize the hitting experience for young players, the Avenge One also features Axe’s innovative Endogrid technology which by design absorbs any negative shock vibration traveling through the barrel before reaching the hitter’s grip allowing for a smoother and more confident swing. The 2 5/8 barrel houses Axe’s patented Charged Carbon Composite material with a composite HyperWhip End Cap. These two aspects of this USA bat will magnify offensive performance by reducing unnecessary weight atop the barrel, expanding the sweet spot region, enhancing durability, inflating pop potential, and increasing bat speeds. The Avenge One USA bat is an excellent choice for the complete hitter looking to achieve consistently level swings through an unmatched blend power, quickness, confidence, and a stabilizing grip upon the handle.

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Our Review Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

Anytime our staff evaluates a bat made by The Axe Bat Company, we expect to find the best results in the category of “Feel & Comfort”. Found on all modern-day Axe USA Bats is the company’s uniquely constructed handle that aims to not only maximize control and comfort, but to also increase overall power while reduce injuries. This patented handle technology has catapulted Axe as a major player supplier for the youth baseball community. Along with being the self-proclaimed lightest USA bat on the market and Axe’s first USA bat composite, we expect the Avenge One to perform during our review. After approximately 250+ hits of solid recordable contact, below is our evaluation.

Evaluating The Pop Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

As the first USA Bat from Axe to feature a composite barrel, our staff placed a high emphasis on the results earned during the station that measures pop and distance. The first noticeable aspect our staff observed during the pop station was the level of ease it took to achieve quality level swings. The Avenge One did a fantastic job carrying the ball when contact was made in the close proximity of the enlarged sweet spot. One particular hitter who used the 2018 Axe Origin last season stated the following,

“This new Axe bat hits baseballs much further than mine from last year. I love how easy it was to swing and how far my balls went.”


Calculating The Vibration Control Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

The 2019 Axe Avenge One comes as a one-piece construction which usually does not protect against negative stings as well as a two-piece will. As stated earlier, the most unique feature of any Axe USA bat will be the specialty developed handle. By design, the handle decreases tension upon the hitter’s grip by allowing energy to flow more freely throughout the baseball bat. Out of the total number of hits undertaken, the 2019 Axe Avenge One was nearly perfect controlling vibrations with a 95% success rate.


Assessing The Grip & Comfort Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

Our methods of evaluating the various elements of a youth baseball bat stem from a mixture of recorded data, notated observations, and real time feedback coming straight from the volunteers who we utilize for each review. Assessing the grip and comfort of a bat can only be taken from each volunteer’s personal sentiments. Once our player’s figured out the correct manner in which to grip the patented Axe handle, the Avenge One received nothing but glowing praise for its balance, control, and over all handling. One particular volunteer stated the following on their scorecard sheet,

“This new Axe Avenge One is super light and real easy to swing. I felt very confident standing in the batter’s box. I would highly recommend for kids who need a light bat that don’t want to use a -11 or lighter.”


Measuring the Durability of the 2019 Axe Avenge One:

At the conclusion of our evaluation, The Axe Avenge One took on more reps than most of the USA bats in our possession. Volunteers were drawn to swing a brand-new composite option with a lightweight balance. Aside from some dings, the Avenge One USA bats in our possession did not incur and dents or cracks. Visible were minor understood marks like scuffs, scratches, and other handling deflects.


Overall Experience Of The 2019 Axe Avenge One:

When Axe released the 2019 Avenge One to the USA bat market, they did so proclaiming this bat is the lightest and most balanced USA bat ever. After our evaluation of the Avenge One, its our staff believes they may be right. When reviewing the scorecards filled out by our volunteers, the most common piece of feedback was how lightweight feel and overall comfort. With a one piece fully composite construction, one can count on the Avenge One being a great option for younger players who are smaller in stature.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.25 / 10