2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
MODEL: Meta Prime
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -3
EKO Composite Barrel (Maximizing Power)
RTX End Cap (Optimized Swing Weight & Barrel Length)
3FX Connection (Reduced Shock & Stiff Feel)
LS New Pro Comfort Grip (Added Cushion)
Unique 3 Piece 100% Composite Construction
31/32" Tapered Handle
Balanced Swing Weight
Certified - BBCOR
Approved - Junior Division Little League, High School & College


Our Summary Of The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR Baseball Bat:

As one of the leading manufactures of baseball bats in the United States, Louisville Slugger has once again developed a highly anticipated Prime model featuring numerous technological advancements that will certainly maximize the offense production of any type of hitter. The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR baseball bat comes with a unique 3-piece construction designed to minimize shock vibrations while simultaneously creating a still and controlled feel for the batter. To add extra comfort when swinging, LS utilized their new Pro Comfort Grip upon the tapered handle making the Meta Prime one of the most cushioned swings in baseball. The 2 5/8 extra wide barrel encases Louisville Slugger’s EKO composite material. This composite along with the patented RTX End Cap creates a type of swing that enhances overall pop, balance, speed, and sound while also allowing for the longest BBCOR certified barrel and sweet spot LS has ever produced. By designing this monster barrel extra wide at both ends, the batter can exhibit higher levels of control without needing to sacrifice power. The 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime BBCOR can also be used in Junior divisions of Little League as well as high school and college ball. Hands down, one of the best performing (if not the best) BBCOR baseball bats of 2019.     

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