2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon Youth Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
MODEL: Maxcor Carbon
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -5, -10
Mizuno's HotMetal Alloy Core (Optimum Performance)
Dynamic Damper Connection (Shock Vibration Control)
Black Onyx Handle (Comfortable Grip)
Viscoelastic Polyurethane (VP) Sleeve (Backspin & Flight)
Supra-Helix Grip
Overly Enlarged Sweet Spot
Certified - USABAT Stamped Approved - Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AAU, AABC, USSSA & Cal Ripken


Our Summary Of The 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

In the first year of the USA Bat Standard, no other USA bat model featured more technological advancements than Mizuno’s Maxcor -5 drop. This year, the 2019 Mizuno MaxCor Carbon includes the same innovations coming as a -10 drop and a -5 drop. Like last season, it utilizes their Viscoelastic Polyurethane Sleeve (VP Sleeve) wrapped around the 2 5/8 barrel. The VP Sleeve will provide youth hitters with more backspin that in turn increases the flight of the ball upon contact. The inside of the barrel comes filled with Mizuno’s HotMetal Alloy material and their patented CorTech Technology. All these features that are packed within the wall of the MaxCor Carbon will maximize any youth ball player’s offensive production through enhanced pop, speed, and balance. In being a 2 piece hybrid construction, it comes with a Black Onyx composite handle and a Dynamic Damper Technology. This provides a young slugger with superior comfort, vibration protection, and increased flexibility. Similar to last year, the 2019 Mizuno MaxCor Carbon USA bat is sure to elevate your player’s swing to the next level.

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Our Comprehensive Review Of The 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

As the most expensive USA Bat on the market for the 2nd year in a row, the 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon consistently enters each youth baseball season with monumental pressure to perform at top notch levels. Our evaluation of the first edition Maxcor showcased a lot of power, good handling, and overall high scores, but unfortunately it only came as a -5 drop option not making it conducive for the majority of USA Baseball participants. This year, Mizuno has produced both a -5 and a -10 drop option. For the 2019 evaluation, our staff called upon our youth volunteer hitters ranging in age between 10-15. After approximately 250+ swings with the 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon, below is our evaluation.

Evaluating The Pop Of The 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

When spending hundreds of dollars on a youth bat like the Mizuno Maxcor Carbon, parents should rightfully expect to see exceptional pop at the very least. Much like last year’s model, the new Maxcor encompasses an ability to send the baseball when contact is made upon the heart of the barrel. Unique to this USA Bat is a patented innovation called the Viscoelastic Polyurethane (VP) Sleeve. This technological enhancement wraps around the alloy barrel and creates added pop from a more vibrant sweet spot and increased backspin on the ball. When asking our volunteer hitters about the amount of pop they achieved, one particular volunteer stated the following,

“I never used this bat before but I think it’s the most powerful aluminum metal bat I have ever swung with.”


Calculating The Vibration Control Of The 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

Controlling vibrations is an important aspect of any metal bat. Unwanted strings cause a ripple effect of irritating shock that not only is physically bothersome for young players, but also damaging to a batter’s confidence. The Mizuno Maxcor Carbon gave way to shock vibrations only 5% of the at bats taken during the evaluation process. Between the 2-piece hybrid construction and the special vibration ceasing technology, players can expect to swing with full strength and confidence.


Assessing The Grip & Comfort Of The Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

Enhancing a youth ball player’s level of comfort is just as important as the amount of pop one can achieve. Keeping a batter’s swing level, balanced, and controlled will positively impact offensive performance more than any other elements of a youth bat. When evaluating the amount of comfort attained by any given USA bat, our staff focuses their attention solely on the feedback provided by our volunteers while considering their respective skill set. Every batter who swung a Maxcor Carbon had no complaints on how the bat felt nor did they complain about the weight. Out of the 3 Maxcor Carbons we evaluated, none weighed more than 1 oz. heavier than the weight stamped on the barrel. Even with an end loaded barrel, the Maxcor distributed great balance to our hitters.


Measuring The Durability Of The Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

After undertaking well over 350+ hits, the Mizuno Maxcor Carbon bats in our possession withstood the punishment and didn’t allow any major damage such as dents, cracks, or dings. Aside from a lot of scratches, scuffs, and typical handlings marks, the integrity of the barrel remained in tacked.


Overall Experience Of The Mizuno Maxcor Carbon:

As stated earlier, a youth bat that carries this hefty of a price tag is expected to perform at high levels. Our evaluation of the 2019 Mizuno Maxcor Carbon earned high scores across the board in all categories, but their scores were similar to other USA bats that cost half the price. Despite of that, the new Maxcor Carbon will surely enhance the offensive productivity of any player who consistently uses it. No other 2019 USA bat features more technological advanced elements held with the handle and barrel like the Mizuno Maxcor Carbon.