2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 Youth Bat Review

YEAR: 2019
MODEL: Select 719
DIAMETER: 2 5/8"
DROP: -5, -8, -10
Aluminum ST 7U1+ Alloy (Max Pop & Larger Sweet Spot)
SBC (Speed Ballistic Composite) (Re-engineered, Bat Speed)
VCX Technology (Reduced Shock Vibration - Unique Feel)
LS New Pro Comfort Grip (Added Cushion)
Unique 3 Piece Hybrid Construction
Balanced Swing Weight
100% Composite Handle
Certified - USA Bat Stamped Approved - Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AAU, AABC, USSSA & Cal Ripken


Our Summary Of The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

As the inaugural season of the USA Bat Standard came to a close, Louisville Sluggers’ Select 718 proved to be one of the highest performing USA bats around the country. The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 USA Bat will not only meet the performance standards set by last year’s edition, but will undoubtedly exceed expectations with all the upgraded innovative inclusions featured in this year’s model. The Select 719 utilizes a strong and stable 3-piece hybrid construction with a genuinely balanced swing weight from knob to end cap. The 2 5/8 barrel houses Louisville’s patented ST 7U1+ alloy material giving youth hitters a magnified sweet spot and the maximized amount of pop potential allowed under the USA Bat Standard. Conjoining the alloy barrel and 100% composite handle is Louisville’s new VCX Technology which replaces the TRU3 connection from last year’s version. The VCX connection decreases more shock vibration vs the TRU3 as well as providing each player with an unmatched stiff feel upon contact customized for each type of youth hitter (contact, complete or a power hitter). Sitting atop the barrel is a newly improved Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap that creates quicker bat speeds without surrendering any control required for achieving level swings. Lastly, the 100% composite handle comes prewrapped with a state-of-the-art Pro Comfort Grip Tape that administers extra cushion upon the hands giving young sluggers more confidence to swing hard through the strike zone. The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719 USA Bat encompasses a uniquely structured design that can accommodate any type of youth hitter. No matter if your player is looking for power or contact, the Select 719 will bring about quality high performance results.

Our Review Of The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

Of all the youth bats coming out for the sophomore season of the USA Bat Standard, none have earned as much anticipation with our staff more than the 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719. In our opinion, the Select 718 from 2018 was the best all-around USA bat for 2018 when comparing its unique blend of pop, bat speed, balance, comfort, vibration protection, durability and overall handling. The Select 719 delivered power for clean-up hitters, hard hits for contact hitters, and line drives for complete hitters. If the results from our evaluations are any indicator as to what level of performance one can expect, the Select 719 will once again be a top 3 USA bat for 2019. After approximately 250+ swings with solid contact, the following is our full evaluation.

Evaluating The Pop Of The 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

The Select 719 brought in the highest pop results among any USA hybrid from this season and the previous. During our evaluation, we reviewed all drops: -10 drop, -8 drop and the -5. At our “pop” station, our volunteers connected with solid contact over 100 times and with exit speeds at rates nearly 25% faster than the velocity of the incoming pitch no matter how heavy the bat. One particular volunteer who utilized the -10 & the -8 during our evaluation stated the following,

“The Select gave me more pop than the composite bats I have swung today. It feels very comfortable in my hands. I want this bat for this year.”


Calculating the Vibration Control of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

When conducting a review of how a youth bat protects against negative vibrations upon the hitter’s grip, our staff interrogates each volunteer immediately following the conclusion of each station. Through our questioning, we are able to pinpoint how often hitters experienced the irritating stinging sensation and determine if these vibrations stemmed from poor quality metal within the barrel or outside variables like weather conditions, player’s skill set, or using of an overworked baseball bat. After 250+ solid hits and countless baseballs fouled out of play, the Select 719 controlled vibrations at a better rate than any 2019 USA hybrid we have evaluated thus far. Less than 5% of the at bats ended with a shock to the hands.


Assessing the Grip & Comfort of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

In evaluating how a young batter responds to the feel and overall comfort of a youth bat, we key in on real time feedback during the testing process. Our staff inspects the bat for balance, weight distribution, actual weight vs. stamped weight, and the fluidity in a swing from the volunteer. The Select 719 offers a very balanced dispensation and on point actual weight according to the sample size in our possession. On the youth hitter’s scorecards, not one volunteer wrote negative feedback regarding the level of comfort experienced while boosting about the confidence provided by the Select 719.


Measuring the Durability of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

Much like last year’s Select 619, the physical condition of the bats this year displayed no major dents, dings, or cracks. Aside from a few scratches, scuffs and other handling marks, the alloy material composed within the barrel has proven to be very strong and durable which can last a youth player two complete seasons at the very least.


Overall Experience of the 2019 Louisville Slugger Select 719:

The Select 719 is one of the best all around bats available providing pop for power hitters and hard line drives for contact hitters with a lightweight and balanced design to help older kids who may struggle with creating solid contact on the sweet spot. In 2018, the Select 718 was 2018youthbats favorite for the inaugural season of the USA bat standard. The new Select 718 picks up right where last year’s model left off and is worth every penny.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.625 / 10