2018 DEMARINI VOODOO one youth bat

2018 DeMarini Voodoo One_1-100.jpg

SUMMARY: The 2018 Demarini Voodoo One USA youth baseball bat comes with all the same innovative improvements as the 2018 Voodoo USA youth baseball bat except for a few details. The most significant difference between the two youth baseball bat models has to do with the internal design. The standard Voodoo cases a 2-piece hybrid construction of aluminum and composite while the Voodoo One features a single piece solid alloy construction. Both 2018 youth bats come equipped with Demarini’s legendary X14 alloy material, adding thicker aluminum walls to the already huge 2 5/8" barrel. Much like the Voodoo, the Voodoo One is equipped with Demarini’s newly designed 3Fusion end cap. This addition supremely optimizes weight distribution allowing for faster swing speeds and greater control. Lastly 2018 Voodoo One is the lightest youth baseball bats Demarini has ever produced. If your child needs to improve his bat speed or if you as a parent are looking into comfort and quickness from a 2018 USA youth bat rather than pop or power, the Voodoo One is a great option. 

OUR REVIEW: After evaluating all the USA bats in our possession, one of the best youth bats for younger and inexperienced players to use for the new USA Bat Standard era, is Demarini's Voodoo One. With its single piece construction and lightweight design, this youth bat was documented by our volunteer hitting team as one of the easiest youth USA bats to swing during our evaluations. Through our observations, the Voodoo One provided our hitters with quick and levels swings through the strike zone offering good pop and elevated bat speeds. After approximately 250 swings of solid contact, below is our official review of the 2018 Demarini Voodoo One -10 Drop.

POP: As a parent, if you are looking for a youth USA bat that aims to enhance pop over all other elements, the 2018 Demarini Voodoo One would not be our recommendation. Although our staff recorded significant connection allowing for line drives, we noticed the baseball didn’t quite carry as far in terms of distance as other USA bats like the 2018 Demarini Voodoo hybrid and Easton's Ghost X line. The Voodoo One has the potential to repeatedly create consistently solid line drive shots but lacks the 2nd tier pop needed for achieving hard fly balls beyond the fence.      


VIBRATION CONTROL: Our official vibration control score comes from the feedback of our hitting team. Having the players report stings throughout the evaluation speaks volumes to how this particular USA bat will protect your children's hands.  The Voodoo One encompasses a sturdy 1-piece alloy construction. Typically, single piece aluminum bats usually do not offer as much vibration control as single piece composites or hybrid youth baseball bats. Out of all the volunteers who officially tested the Voodoo One, about 20% noted feeling a consistent sting upon their grip.  This percentage of protection doesn’t fair well when compared to the other 2018 USA bats we have evaluated.


GRIP & COMFORT: Much like our vibration control score, our grip and comfort rating also comes from the feedback of our hitting team. Knowing that 20% of our volunteer hitters felt significant stings, we assumed that some negative feedback would come into play for grip and comfort. Our collected scorecards ask a series of questions determining a hitter’s level of confidence, control, and comfort while swinging the bats during the evaluation process. Judging by our volunteer's responses, about 15% of them gave low scores to the Voodoo One for grip & comfort. One particular hitter stated, "When my hands didn't feel stings, the bat was light and very easy to use."


DURABILITY: The Voodoo One took on a barrage of punishment over the entire evaluation process. After undertaking approximately 250+ solid collisions with the baseball at high speeds of 40 MPH or higher, the Voodoo One withstood any major cracks, dents or dings very well. The special aircraft grade alloy material housed within the 2 5/8 barrel of this youth baseball bat proved to be extremely durable.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: After recording, analyzing, and evaluating the data, our staff would recommend the 2018 Demarini Voodoo One for younger players who are seeking to increase swing speeds. Especially with the entry levels to the kid pitch divisions of baseball, it’s very important to develop mechanics, bat speed, and level swings within a batter’s hitting characteristics before focusing on power. The 2018 Demarini Voodoo One definitely does assist with those crucial elements of a swing due to its durable barrel and lightweight design. If your child is seeking to hit the ball out of the park, The Voodoo One is not the youth USA bat to use. Overall, it provides a confident batting experience and has great potential in developing the mechanics of your little slugger’s swing.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.375 / 10