2018 EASTON beast x hybrid youth bat

2018 Beast X Hybrid-100.jpg

SUMMARY: If your youth baseball player prefers the unique feel of a hybrid baseball bat, the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid youth bat combines the power and comfort of a composite with the speed and sound of an alloy. The Easton Beast X Hybrid utilizes a perfect mixture of the newly developed Easton technological enhancements found in their 2018 line of youth baseball bat models. Similar to the 2018 Beast X, the Beast X Hybrid encompasses Easton’s Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) within the barrel which omits a deafening sound and explosive energy upon the baseball. The large 2 5/8 barrel comes equipped with Easton’s X-tended barrel design and Z-CORE internal core technology. Both of these innovative mechanical advances provide youth ball players with an enlarged sweet spot and the longest barrel in youth baseball. The handle features Easton’s EXACT Carbon Composite engulfed in a 1.4mm HYPERSKIN giving youth hitters a comfy grip and reduced vibration control. Much like the 2018 Ghost X line of youth baseball bats, the Beast X Hybrid houses Easton’s reengineered ConneXion Technology which securely fuses the composite handle and alloy barrel. Like all of Easton’s 2 piece construction youth bats, this one also showcases their Dynamic Feel System. This addition gives youth baseball players an enhanced durability, decreased vibrations, and a supremely confident feel at the plate. Lastly, this youth bat comes with an end loaded swing weight putting more mass in the sweet spot that adding extra power with every rip through the strike zone. The 2018 Beast X Hybrid is the only Hybrid produced by Easton bearing the USA Bat stamp for the 2018 baseball season.

OUR RESULTS: The Easton Beast X Hybrid will be the first hybrid youth baseball bat our team has reviewed this year. Again, a hybrid simply means it’s a youth bat which fuses a composite handle with an alloy barrel. During our evaluation process, not many of our players preferred the unique feel of a hybrid youth bat so. In order to configure an accurate and unbiased opinions, we reorganized the scorecards for analysis. In other words, the scorecards of players who liked hybrid youth baseball bats were not mixed with those who didn’t. 250+ swings later, below are our official review of the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid -10 Drop.

POP: The Beast X Hybrid definitely did carry the ball well and gave off a great sound produced by the alloy barrel. Our staff documented and observed a bit more distance from the Ghost X. The Beast X had produced slightly more distance vs. the standard Easton Beast X -10 drop however. This variance between the hybrid and normal Beast X was too close to determine one being more powerful than the other. When choosing the hybrid version of any bat model, the main purpose is to increase comfort and a better feel vs. speed or power. Although the bat came in last for this category, it still provides considerable pop.


VIBRATION CONTROL: When compared to other 2018 USABat Easton models, the Beast X Hybrid faired very well being in the top 10% of Easton’s evaluated for vibration control. Only less than 3% of some 250 solid swings brought about negative stinging sensations. Overall, this USA youth bat did a great job of reflecting vibrations as report on our volunteer's scorecards resulting in a highest school.


GRIP & COMFORT: Since we have no way of measuring how the bat feels to the individual hitter, the rating for grip and comfort is solely reliant on our volunteers. The results from this evaluation determined that those kids who swung hybrids last year gave the highest scores for the Beast X Hybrid and those who tested this bat who were NOT accustomed to the unique feel gave moderate scores. Please be aware that with a slightly less potential for pop and speed, this bat is mostly for those players who prefer a hybrid feel.


DURABILITY: The Beast X Hybrid didn’t take as many reps as other 2018 Easton models however, we were able to get approximately 250 observed and documented swings recorded. This USA youth baseball bat displayed some handling marks and scratches but nothing that would impair performance or eligibility like dents, or cracks. As like most Easton models, the 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid held up well.   


OVERALL EXPERIENCE:  In determining overall experience, it’s important to note that hybrid youth baseball bat models deliver a distinct feel and level of comfort when the ball collides with an alloy barrel connected to a composite handle. If your child has never had an experience with a hybrid bat before, we don’t recommend starting this year with any hybrid bat. If your child prefers hybrids, the Easton Beast X Hybrid should be your go to.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.75 / 10