2018 axe origin youth bat review

2018 Axe Origin-100.jpg

SUMMARY: The 2018 Axe Origin USA Baseball bat features an array of newly designed technological aspects aimed to enhance performance and comfort. This bat utilizes a single piece construction made up of Axe’s LP1 Alloy.  This strong aluminum material held within the 2 5/8 barrel delivers maximum pop, stronger durability, and an explosive sound. The big barrel also comes equipped with a reengineered hitting zone that enlarges the sweet spot, increases durability, and optimizes overall performance throughout a 270-degree contact area. The handle of this youth baseball bat features a HyperWhip end cap that decreases weight, increases swing speeds, and extends barrel length. Much like the 2018 Axe Elite and Element, the 2018 Axe Origin features an Endogrid technology upon the handle used to absorb any shock vibrations thus creating a smooth and comfortable feel. This youth big barrel bat comes at a great value for what it delivers.

OUR REVIEW: The 2018 Axe Origin is considered one of the best valued youth USA bats currently available for purchase. Going into its evaluation, our staff understood that the Axe Origin would most likely pack a bit less pop than the other Axe USA bats. What this youth bat lacks in power, it surely compensates with speed and balance. The Origin offers a very light swing weight design as a means to assist youth players with increasing their bat speed and attaining supreme confidence. When testing, we chose younger and less experienced volunteers for hitting with the Origin. After approximately 250 solid swings, below is our official review of the 2018 Axe Origin.

POP: As our staff expected, the Origin provided our hitters with plenty of line drive potential yet lacked a bit of the distance other youth USA bats delivered. Please note, the primary focus of this youth baseball bat is to assist with increasing bat speed not enhancing power. With the new USA bat standard limiting the potential for pop, do not expect any 2018 youth USA bat to outperform 2017 model bats. After conducting our evaluation, the Axe Origin ranked in the lower half of USA bats for the pop and distance category.


VIBRATION CONTROL: When analyzing how the Origin handled the prevention of shock vibrations on the hands, we took our volunteer's answers directly from their scorecards they filled out. After analyzing the feedback, the 2018 Axe Origin earned mixed reviews when protecting against vibrations. Out of all the volunteers who swung out the Origin, about 30% reported consistent stings. Our staff does not recommend using this youth baseball bat in divisions where kid pitch can reach speeds of 60 mph or higher nor do we recommend swinging this USA bat in a batting cage throwing more than 70 mph. Cold climates also might not work for this bat. 


GRIP & COMFORT: The comfortability of the Origin is by far its best feature. In being very lightweight, the Origin offers hitters a supremely balanced and quick swing. All the youth volunteer hitters that swung this USA bat gave the highest ratings for this category. The bat offers hitters a great hitting experience for players struggling to catch up to fastballs in the strike zone. Axe designed this youth bat specifically as an entry level bat for younger and smaller ball players entering into the USA bat standard era. One of our 8 year old volunteer hitters with less than two season of baseball played stated, "For me this bat was the easiest bat to swing today. Probably the best balanced bat for this season. I felt really comfortable using this bat because it wasn’t very heavy like most of the other bats were.”  


DURABILITY: When analyzing the strength and durability of the Origin, we thoroughly examined all aspects of the barrel and handle looking for any significant damages that could come in the form of cracks, dents, or dings. Each youth bat we evaluated definitely took quite a beating after incurring 200-300 swings. Despite showing some handling marks and scratches after over 250 solid swings, the Origin held up well cosmetically.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: The 2018 Axe Origin is an excellent choice youth bat to use as an entry level bat for younger ball players who are making their way into the era of the USA Bat standard. This bat is not recommended for the youth players who play in higher divisions of kid pitch. If your son or daughter has a difficult locating pitches in the strike zone or displays a tendency to not swing a level bat, the 2018 Axe Origin is a great introductory tool.