2018 mizuno ghost youth bat review

2018 Mizuno Ghost.jpg

SUMMARY: The 2018 Mizuno Ghost USA youth baseball bat offers young sluggers one of the most impactful yet supremely balanced swings of all the current USA bats. The Mizuno Ghost features a 2-piece composite construction with a balanced swing weight making it easier to conduct a level swing across the plate. The black onyx composite 2 5/8 barrel comes equipped with a special power ring technology that offers young hitters a “hot” barrel that needs no breaking in process. Also encompassed in the barrel is Mizuno’s cylinder seaming which allows for optimum performance throughout the big barrel. By combining a strong composite material with a power ring and cylinder seaming, Mizuno’s goal is for youth hitters to make solid powerful contact on the ball anywhere on the big barrel with a level swing. The black onyx handle severely reduces shock vibrations upon the hitter’s hands making for a comfortable and confident grasp upon the speed-helix grip.

OUR REVIEW: According to our interactions with individuals vibrant within the youth baseball bat industry, the 2018 Mizuno Ghost is expected to become one of the premier and best USA youth composite bats this year. As expected, the Easton line of youth bats will undoubtedly serve as the benchmark in the youth baseball bat community in regards to product anticipation and overall popularity.  But during these interactions, we asked a specific question, “Which new USA youth bat will contend with the Easton Ghost X?” The 2018 Mizuno Ghost was the most popular answer with one particular person stating “The Ghost bat from Mizuno is the probably the most underrated USA bat and will give players a lot of the same pop as last year.” Upon our review of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost youth bat we can convincingly state that this USA youth bat is a top 3 pick for youth batters this upcoming season.    

POP: As with all the other new 2018 USA youth bats, do not expect any new 2018 youth bat to harness the power of the older USSSA bat performance standard from the past years. All USA bats are expected to showcase a decrease in trampoline effect and net distance per solid level swing. Just because the new USA bat standard limits the pop potential from youth bats of past seasons, that doesn’t mean they deliver weak power; case and point the 2018 Mizuno Ghost. This USA bat crushed the ball during our pop station with its 2-piece composite design. Our staff witnessed the majority of our volunteer hitters exhibiting consistently solid connections that sent the baseball further than most of the other 2018 youth bats we have evaluated. One particular youth volunteer with multiple all-star nominations stated “For me, its between the Mizuno Ghost or the Easton Ghost X. I was very surprised with the pop that came from the Mizuno Ghost. I thought the Easton Ghost X was going to be the bat for me but now I don’t know anymore.”


VIBRATION CONTROL: The majority of our volunteer hitters who swung the Mizuno Ghost -10 did an exceptional job with shielding the shock vibrations upon the grip of the composite handle. Even though it’s impossible to completely protect against vibrations, less than 5% of our hitters reported the stinging vibrations being a major problem. Breaking in youth baseball bats will always give way to some initial vibrations no matter the brand, composition, or barrel size, however the 2018 Mizuno Ghost will most likely be the best USA bat to protect against the shocks.


GRIP & COMFORT: As the USA bat standard aims to reduce pop from youth USA bats, it’s very important for young hitters to compensate for this lack of power with ultimate confidence, comfort, and balance when swinging through the strike zone. When judging the grip and comfort of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost, we took to the feedback of our youth hitters. The overwhelming majority gave high scores and praise for the stiff grip and equilibrium balance of the Mizuno Ghost. One particular volunteer mentioned the following, “Swinging the Ghost felt more natural than any bat I have swung so far. Even including all of the Easton bats.”


DURABILITY: When measuring the durability of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost, it definitely sustained handling marks and scratches throughout the barrel. With some of the sounds that were coming from the bat, we were so sure we were going to find some serious damage done to it. After some 250+ solid collisions with the baseball, the Ghost displayed zero major dents, cracks, or dings.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Before our evaluation process of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost began, our staff knew it would be a legitimate candidate for one of the best 2018 USA youth bats on the market. Upon conclusion, our data has shown exactly that. The Mizuno Ghost provided our youth hitters consistent pop, speed, balance, and comfort. The 2018 Mizuno Ghost youth baseball bat will undoubtedly be a a great choice for youth baseball players for years to come.    

OVERALL SCORE: 8.875 / 10