2018 mizuno maxcor youth bat review

2018 Maxcor-100.jpg

SUMMARY: As the USA Bat Standard will most likely decrease the offensive output in youth baseball games, Mizuno has developed a youth baseball bat featuring more innovative advances than any other 2018 USA youth baseball bat. The Maxcor offers youth hitters optimum power, speed, balance, and comfort. To start, the MaxCor comes equipped with a patent pending Mizuno technology called the Viscoelastic Polyurethane Sleeve. The VP sleeve wraps tightly around the entire 2 5/8 big barrel and creates additional backspin which thus increases the level of flight on the baseball. Combined within the VP Sleeve is Mizuno’s HotMetal Alloy and CorTech Technology which provides youth hitters with maximum optimization in pop, balance, durability, speed, and overall performance. This 2018 youth bat also showcases a black onyx carbon handle, prewrapped with Mizuno’s Supra-Helix Grip giving youth hitters an ultra-comfortable grip and stiff traditional feel adding to an already user friendly lightweight construction. As if all these technological features weren’t enough, Mizuno also includes their exclusive Dynamic Damper innovation which significantly reduces shock vibration ensuring comfortability and confidence in youth batters. The 2018 Mizuno Maxcor comes with a hefty price tag but is definitely worth every penny. For us at 2018youthbats.com, this big barrel youth baseball bat we believe will offer the greatest performance amongst all the 2018 USA bats available. 

OUR REVIEW: As the USA Bat standard takes effect, manufacturers are constantly attempting to develop the newest and most innovative technologies as a means to separate themselves from the competition. The Maxcor features the company’s patented VP sleeve giving the baseball added backspin upon collision with the barrel and sending it further. For this particular bat, we emphasized our analysis on pop and distance. We reserved the testing of the Maxcor for our volunteer hitters who were larger in stature and capable of swinging a youth baseball bat with a -5 drop. After over 300 swings involving solid contact on the baseball, below is our official review of the 2018 Mizuno Maxcor USA bat -5 drop.

POP: Abiding by the new USA bat standard, USA Baseball will indeed bring integrity to the youth game by only featuring the youth USA bats that perform at “wood-like” levels which alternatively decreases the pop potential youth players are used to exhibiting. Despite having a USA Baseball stamp, the Maxcor youth baseball bat provided our sluggers considerable pop and distance. During our evaluation process, it proved difficult to specify how much of the distance stemmed from the additional backspin from the VP Sleeve and how much came from the hitters themselves. Regardless where the power came from, the Mizuno MaxCor received the highest scores in the category of pop amongst the USA bats utilizing an aluminum barrel.     


VIBRATION CONTROL: According to our volunteer hitters, the Maxcor did an exceptional job with shielding the shock vibrations upon the grip of the composite handle. Even though it’s impossible to 100% completely protect against vibrations, less than 5% of our youth volunteers reported the stinging vibrations being a major problem. Breaking in youth baseball bats will always give way to some initial vibrations no matter the brand, composition, or barrel size, however the 2018 Mizuno Maxcor will most likely be the best USA youth bat to protect against the shocks.


GRIP & COMFORT: We measure the grip and comfort of a youth baseball bat from the feedback of each youth volunteer hitter. After analyzing the Maxcor scorecards, many volunteers gave positives reviews for this category however many gave negative remarks. Our staff believes the reason for such backlash coincides with how difficult it is to swing a heavy drop -5. In being a drop 5, the barrel contains much more mass in the big barrel vs a -10 drop.


DURABILITY: In measuring the durability our staff thoroughly examined the barrel and handle for any significant damages in the forms of cracks, dents, or dings. Each Maxcor we overlooked endured typical handling marks and scratches however not enough damage that would warrant a negative score.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: After we concluded the evaluation of the 2018 Mizuno Maxcor, we can confidently recommend it specifically for hitters strong enough to swing such a heavy end loaded youth bat. Parents, if you are looking for a USA bat with an aluminum barrel but packs a punch, the Maxcor is a great option. The Maxcor was well received with the youth volunteer hitters and our staff was very impressed with the amount of distance each solid line drive covered.