2018 DEMARINI VOODOO youth bat

2018 DeMarini Voodoo-100.jpg

Our Summary of the DeMarini Voodoo:

The 2018 Demarini Voodoo is unlike any other Voodoo model in the past. This youth bat features a multitude of enhancing modifications and technological advances geared towards giving hitters supreme confidence at the plate. It encompasses a 2-piece hybrid construction that provides a traditional sound with a comfortable feel. The 2 5/8 big barrel comes equipped with Demarini’s X14 Alloy adding thicker aluminum walls for maximized performance. The most innovative addition to the Voodoo is the 3Fusion System residing within the 100% composite handle. This configuration includes a 3Fusion handle and a lightweight 3Fusion end cap. Together they drastically reduce shock vibration, increase swing speeds, optimize weight distribution, and gives batters better control all while maximizing energy transfer upon the baseball. We feel like it is set to be one of the most popular youth big barrel bat for years to come.

Our Review of the DeMarini Voodoo:

After our testing and evaluations, we feel confident in recommending this bat as one of the best (if not the best) hybrid options among all the other 2018 USA hybrid bats. In fact, if your child has been contemplating switching to the unique grip and feel of a hybrid, this is probably the best bat for making the change especially when entering into the USA bat standard era. When reviewing the Voodoo, we reserved the swings for our youth volunteer hitters who generally preferred the feel of hybrids. After our official evaluation concluded, we gave ANY hitter the option to swing any USA bat they wanted to. During the first round of testing, we wanted our hybrid hitters to break in the Voodoo youth bats in our possession. A few days of testing and evaluating later, our official review of the Demarini Voodoo Hybrid -10 Drop is as follows.

Evaluating the Pop of the DeMarini Voodoo:

During this portion of our evaluation, our staff witnessed and documented many more positive reactions to the Voodoo than negative. The alloy barrel gave a deafening sound and delivered solid line drive shots even when particular young hitters’ swing seemed a bit unbalanced. Many hitters mentioned how the end cap "looked cool" and kept their swing quick and powerful. One of our volunteers said, “The Voodoo felt so much easier to swing than all the bats I swung today. I noticed no power drop from this bat like I did with most of the new 2018 composites.”


Calculating the Vibration Control of the DeMarini Voodoo:

After testing and recording volunteer scores for Vibration Control, we ask our players to rate, judge, and comment on how the particular bat in question protected from vibrations.  The Voodoo houses a sturdy hybrid 2-piece construction that did a great job fending off negative vibrations. From all the players who officially tested out the Voodoo, only 7% noted feeling consistent stinging upon the hands. Overall, the Voodoo did a great job reflecting almost all vibrations.


Assessing the Grip & Comfort of the DeMarini Voodoo:

Similar to our Vibration Control category, our scorecards ask a series of questions to determine a hitter’s level of confidence, control, and comfort while swinging a particular USA bat. Our volunteers who already preferred the feel of a hybrid had only positive comments. One specific comment: “The new Voodoo is great, my swing was fast and I felt good standing at the plate. I got good pop from it too.”


Measuring the Durability of the DeMarini Voodoo:

It held up decently in terms of cosmetics as well. Our staff noticed a bit of markings, scratches, and impressions throughout the barrel, however no major cracks or dents after our rigorous testing procedures. When compared to the other bats we evaluated, the DeMarini had many more imperfections. Although this bat might be prone to getting dinged up quicker than other USA bats it should have no problems that would impair performance or eligibility.


TLDR; Determining the Overall Experience of the DeMarini Voodoo:

The DeMarini Voodoo hybrid bat scored better than any other hybrid we have evaluated this year. Our staff scored it the best USA hybrid bat for pop while the volunteer hitters scored it the best hybrid for comfort and vibration control. Put simply, we highly recommend the Voodoo as the one of the best options for players that prefer hybrids. We also recommend it even for kids who don’t have much hybrid experience. This is simply an overall great youth baseball bat.