2018 Anderson Techzilla Youth Bat

Our Summary of the Anderson Techzilla:

The all-new 2018 Anderson Techzilla bat has hit the market just in time for opening day. As one of the last major USA bat models to be released, the Anderson Bat Company has taken an extensive amount of time ensuring they present a product aimed to optimize performance for the youth ball player. The Techzilla features a two-piece hybrid construction with a newly designed lightweight end cap providing increased stability during a hitter’s swing. The 100% composite handle comes pre-wrapped in a synthetic grip delivering a comfy feel as negative feedback is absorbed. The big 2 5/8 barrel utilizes and end loaded construction filled with Anderson’s M1 Aerospace alloy material. This combination distributes added force when connecting with the baseball elevating performance levels and durability. The 2018 Anderson Techzilla arrives in the USA bat market better late than never. If you still haven’t purchased your USA Bat or considering a return, consider the Techzilla especially if your child is making a transition out of a -10 length/weight ratio.  

Our Review of the Anderson Techzilla:

With the 2018 Anderson Techzilla reaching the market so late in the season, evaluating this USA bat has proven difficult for us as our team encountered many unforeseen obstacles. Since most USA Baseball families have already purchased their USA bat, many of our volunteer hitters had no incentive to come out on a Saturday and demo a bat considering the Anderson Bat Company doesn’t claim the notoriety of other major bat manufactures in the market like Easton or Louisville Slugger. At this point, all teams have initiated practices, most of which fall on a Saturday. When you combine the busy lives of the average American family, we were lucky to get even 8 volunteers as test subjects for this evaluation and review. 250 swings later with the 2018 Anderson Techzilla S Series USA bat, the following is our official review.

Evaluating the Pop of the Anderson Techzilla:

During the pop station, our staff was very impressed with the amount of pop this alloy barrel USA bat delivered. Looking back on our data collected from the Ghost X composite USA bat review, we noticed strikingly similar numbers and feedback. Our volunteer hitters also mentioned on several occasions that the Techzilla showed more pop than the USA bat they already purchased. One of our 8 volunteers stated the following, “This bat gave me more overall power than the Louisville Slugger my dad bought me a few weeks ago. It feels just as good too.” With an end loaded barrel, our team believes the ball is flying a bit further vs a barrel with a balanced swing weight.       


Calculating the Vibration Control of the Anderson Techzilla:

The primary reason bat manufacturers develop 2-piece hybrid bats is to give hitters the protection and feel of a composite while distributing faster swing speeds of an alloy barrel. It did a great job of deflecting unwanted sting to the hitter’s hands. The 100% composite handle absorbed a large number of vibrations with only 10% of our volunteers feeling any shock.


Assessing the Grip & Comfort of the Anderson Techzilla:

When rating a bat’s level of comfort, our score comes from the feedback of our youth volunteer hitters. We ask them a series of questions throughout the duration and after the evaluation aimed to help us understand how confident your child will feel at the plate swinging the bat in question. The majority of our volunteers reacted positively towards the overall experience. One thing our staff observed is how true the actual weight is compared to the stamped weight. Many USA bats have developed a reputation of coming in 1-2 ounces heavier than advertised especially in the composite USA bat sector. This comment stood out to us the most: “The bat didn’t feel like a drop 9 to me. Felt more like a drop 10. But it was a good bat to swing, I felt very confident.”


Measuring the Durability of the Anderson Techzilla:

The Techzilla held up well cosmetically when undertaking the 250+ hits throughout the evaluation. Our staff noticed many handling markings and scratches throughout the USA bat, however we encountered 0 major cracks or dents. The green and black coloring of the Techzilla hide many of the blemishes that will inevitably occur which keeps the bat looking fresh.


TLDR; Determining the Overall Experience of the Anderson Techzilla:

Overall, the 2018 Anderson Techzilla S Series is probably one of the better USA bats in terms on comfortability, durability, and overall performance. This season as the USA Bat standard takes effect, your child needs to swing a bat they feel confident with. Not every $350-$400 youth bat will benefit all players. Anderson has continued its long-standing tradition of the Techzilla by offering a sound, quality aluminum youth bat option for a reasonable price. 2018 Youth Bats highly recommends the Techzilla S Series for contact and power hitters alike.