2018 DeMarini CF Zen DROP -10 Youth Bat

Our Summary of the DeMarini CF Zen:

After much anticipation, the CF Zen was finally made available for purchase in late January 2018 making it one of the last major USA bat models to be released for this year. For many youth players, the wait was worth it. The CF Zen features a 2-piece fully composite construction synced with DeMarini’s patented 3fusion End Cap & Handle Technology. This special formula enhances the hitting experience from the knob through the barrel by reducing vibration upon the grip and increasing the balance of weight/energy transfer when swinging through the strike zone.  The 2 5/8 barrel showcases a massive sweet spot featuring DeMarini’s new Paraflex Composite Design giving the hitter added pop and durability when stepping to the plate. The CF Zen continues a long DeMarini tradition of quality composite bat models. Do we need to mention any more of DeMarini's new technologies?

Our Review of the DeMarini CF Zen:

As stated earlier, it showed up to the USA bat party fashionably late. This bat was made available to the public as of late January 2018 making it one of the last (if not the last) composite USA bat option for this year. Getting our hands on the CF Zen took longer than anticipated however after many obstacles, we were able to arrange an evaluation for the CF Zen composed of volunteer hitters ranging from 7-13 years old. After sifting through our gathered data, we highly recommend it as a power bat option for skilled players able to swing a dense and durable bat. For any of the players who consider themselves “contact hitters” we believe none of the composites will work no matter the model or bat manufacturer. Below is our official review of the Demarini CF Zen -10 Drop.

Evaluating the Pop of the DeMarini CF Zen:

Out of all the categories we test for, the CF Zen earned its highest score in pop. This does not suggest that the USA Bat stamped bat has power equal to the CF Zen with a USSSA stamp. When compared to other USA composite bats, we believe it possesses a greater ability to achieve a big shot. As a contrast, we don’t believe it should be for just any type of hitter. In our pop station, many contact hitters showed difficulties keeping their swing consistently level. This however bears no effect on the its ability to administer pop. It definitely delivered shots when a level swing was achieved.       


Calculating the Vibration Control of the DeMarini CF Zen:

We believe when measuring how a youth bat restricts vibration, it can only come straight from the hitters themselves. Before moving through to the next item on the agenda, we ask our players to comment and rate how well the bat in question protected them against stinging vibrations. The CF Zen’s 3Fusion handle does a good job with deflecting and absorbing the shock. About 20% noted feeling some lingering stings upon the hands. Although this seems high, the majority of complaints came from hitters that tested the bat in the evening. Although we try for the most accurate results, we have to mention that weather is a variable we try to keep neutral, shock upon the grip is more susceptible in colder climates. 

We will be conducting more tests with the CF Zen in a more neutral environment and posting the results some time in the near future. Please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter to be notified with the new information!


Assessing the Grip & Comfort of the DeMarini CF Zen:

We ask detailed questions aimed to extract as much feedback as possible for Grip & Comfort. This portion of the evaluation acts more as a focus group session. When it came to the overall comfort, our youth hitters responses came with mixed feelings. Many indicated the bat was difficult to swing. One particular volunteer who regards himself as a contact hitter with average skills stated the following: "The bat was a little too heavy for me. It felt like a drop 8. I never really got a lot of line drives.” While another hitter with 10 seasons of baseball experience who has made multiple all-star appearances wrote the following: “The CF Zen really felt good in my hands and I hit the ball HARD. Great pop for a USA bat.” At the conclusion of deliberating our data, we believe these particular bats will be great for certain players but not all.


Measuring the Durability of the DeMarini CF Zen:

After enduring our evaluations, our trial CF Zen bats held up very well in terms of the durability of the barrel and bat overall. Aside from the obvious marks that will definitely occur, it showed no dings, dents, cracks, or serious imperfect impressions. Our staff noticed a bunch of scratches and marks but this should be expected of any bat taking this much punishment. The highly strong Paraflex composite comes advertised as one of DeMarini’s most durable materials ever and rightfully so.


TLDR; Determining the Overall Experience of the DeMarini CF Zen:

DeMarini's CF Zen WILL deliver a solid punch on the ball and protect against vibration just like CF Zen’s from the past. Unlike the older models, expect the baseball to taper off in velocity after contact. We recommend this USA youth bat for any player who may be looking for a -10 slightly on the heavier side. With a level swing, best believe it will send the ball.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.625 / 10