2018 mizuno covert youth bat review

2018 Mizuno Covert Youth Bat.jpg

SUMMARY: When the USA Bat standard takes effect, Mizuno offers its only hybrid bat for 2018. The new Mizuno Covert youth USA bat features a balanced swing weight and a drop of -9. It utilizes the company’s durable single wall Hot Metal Alloy barrel with an optimized end cap geared to create optimum performance and a deafening sound. In order to add a larger sweet spot and thickness to the 2 5/8 barrel, the Covert encompasses Mizuno’s CorTech technology which increases wall thickness across the barrel. The black onyx carbon composite handle comes wrapped in a speed-helix grip for supreme comfort and grip appeal. Connecting the alloy big barrel with the composite handle is Mizuno’s patented LINK technology that extensively decreases shock vibrations and increases energy transfer upon colliding with the baseball. 

OUR REVIEW: In being Mizuno's only hybrid USA youth bat option, we reserved testing of the 2018 Mizuno Ghost USA youth bat for specific volunteer hitters; those who preferred the unique feel and swing of a hybrid. With the USA bat standard changing the youth baseball game, we highly recommend players emphasize synchronizing their speed, balance and comfort back into their swings before aiming to increase power. In keeping up with this philosophy, we feel it’s best for youth players to not make drastic changes to how they approach their at bats from previous seasons. In order to limit the number of variables in this particular evaluation, we also felt it was best for young hybrid bat sluggers to get first dibs on reviewing the 2018 hybrid bats before they were broken in too much. The Mizuno Covert youth bat combines an alloy big barrel with a composite handle and provided our sluggers with a great blend of comfort, pop and speed (according to our evaluation results, please see below). After over 300 swings, our official review of the Covert is here.

POP: The major difference between the new USA Bat standard and the older USSSA performance standard is the lack of pop featured in the USA bats. Please understand, even the most powerful USA bat will not drive the baseball as far as little leaguers have grown accustomed too from previous seasons. Mizuno's Covert provided adequate pop especially for the barrel which houses an alloy composition. Our staff documented consistently a significant line drive and solid collisions on the baseball. As a parent, if you are looking to purchase a youth bat that will give your child the most pop, then the Covert isn’t for you. This youth bat didn’t provide the same level of distance and power as the Mizuno Ghost, however that should be expected. This youth bat focuses on comfort, balance and confidence above all else.


VIBRATION CONTROL: When measuring how the Covert protects against shock vibrations, our staff focuses only on observing. We depend directly on the feedback of our volunteer youth hitters. Out of all the young sluggers who swung a Covert during our evaluation process, approximately 20% of them reported experiencing some inconsistencies with controlling the vibrations upon the handle. The majority of complaints noted the stinging to cease roughly after approximately 150 solid swings. This information tells us that once broken in, the Mizuno Covert does a much better job of protecting against shock. We will continue monitoring this situation and update this portion and possibly its score sometime soon.


GRIP & COMFORT: In being a hybrid youth baseball bat, the Covert should enhance comfortability and confidence more than any other trait. After analyzing the Scorecards filled out by our youth volunteer hitters, the Covert received an overwhelmingly positive response for the category of “Grip & Comfort”. One particular scorecard noted, “I have been using hybrid bats for the past two years and the Covert feels more comfortable, natural, and easy to swing more than any other hybrid I have had before. With some more practice, I am definitely going to be using this bat next season.”


DURABILITY: After over 300 swings, the durability of the Covert held up well. Although it is difficult to judge the strength and durability of a youth baseball bat based upon the performance of only a few hitters over the span of a week, the Covert experienced typical handling scratches and marks but zero damage to the key components of the youth bat.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Overall, the 2018 Mizuno Covert USA youth bat was well received by our volunteers who preferred the feel and style of a hybrid bat. Through our analysis, the Covert offered hitters a great blend of balance and comfort when swinging a quick bat through the strike zone. If your child is like one of these hitters that thoroughly enjoys the uniqueness of a hybrid youth baseball bat, we believe that the Mizuno Covert is a great option.