2018 mizuno Generation youth bat review

2018 Generation-100.jpg

SUMMARY: Mizuno's Generation model of youth baseball bats has always been its' most popular line similar to how the Mako line is Easton’s best and well-known model. The 2018 Mizuno Generation USA youth bat continues a proud Mizuno tradition of aluminum youth baseball bats. They have provided quality swings to youth hitters for years. The new Mizuno Generation USA bat features the company’s exclusive lightweight HotMetal alloy single piece construction. When combined with Mizuno’s CorTech technology, youth hitters receive a massive sweet spot region, increased efficiency, and maximum performance. The 2018 Generation also encompasses an optimized end cap at the tip of the 2 5/8 big barrel adding pop potential, stronger durability, and a loud sound when connecting with baseballs through the strike zone. Like all 2018 Mizuno models, the Generation’s handle will come prewrapped in Mizuno’s Speed-Helix Grip which assists in decreasing vibration control and adding higher levels of comfort through its ultra-stiff feel. The 2018 Mizuno Generation USA youth baseball bat doesn’t pack the punch of the Mizuno MaxCor, however it’s one of the best valued up for purchase this year.