2018 axe elite youth bat review

2018 Axe Elite-100.jpg

SUMMARY: Axe Bat Company has embraced the new USABAT Standard by creating their strongest and most durable youth baseball bat ever. The 2018 Axe Elite USA Baseball bat is a hybrid 2-piece construction that encompasses Axe’s Mantic Alloy housed within the 2 5/8 big barrel. This aluminum material comes military grade optimizing pop, sound, and supreme durability. The barrel of the Axe Elite USA bat also features a reengineered design aimed to enlarge the sweet spot and expand the potential for powerful connections over 270-degree region. The composite handle of this 2018 youth baseball bat features a HyperWhip end cap which decreases weight, increases swing speeds, and extends barrel length.  The composite handle is entrenched in Axe’s patented Endogrid technology which coupled with the firmness of the flex-tuned  handle, absorbs shock vibration creating a smooth and comfortable feel. Lastly, the 2018 Axe Elite USA baseball bat utilizes an end loaded swing weight making it an ideal choice for older and more skilled power hitters.

OUR REVIEW: A common trend among most youth baseball bat manufacturers for the USA Bat Standard took effect  involves offering a height/weight ratio of -5. The Elite -5 drop is a USA youth bat that is expected to offer hitters one of the more powerful swings for all USA bats. The Axe Bat Company loaded the Elite with more technological features than any youth bat they have ever manufactured. The timing of such innovation couldn’t be more perfect considering how many millions of youth baseball players will be purchasing brand new youth bats this upcoming season. When evaluating this USA bat, we reserved testing for our older and larger youth players. After approximately 250 solid swings, below is our official review of the 2018 Axe Elite -5 Drop USA youth bat.

POP: The #1 reason for adopting the new USA Bat standard over the older USSSA performance standard involves making metal youth baseball bats to perform at “wood-like levels." This results in the new 2018 youth USA bats featuring less pop potential and a smaller trampoline effect when the baseball collides with the bat. Please note, even the most new and powerful USA bat will not drive the baseball as far as little league players have hit in past years. Having said that, it’s unfair to compare the pop of the Elite to older Axe bat models. The Elite exhibited more pop than the majority of all of our other USA youth bats we tested. During our evaluations, the Elite ranked in as one of the best USA youth bats in terms of pop.


VIBRATION CONTROL: When analyzing how the Axe Elite protects against shock towards the hitter’s hands, we refer directly to the scorecards filled out by our volunteer youth hitters. After reviewing the feedback, the Axe Elite had the fewest negative remarks regarding vibration control than any other youth USA bat we have reviewed thus far. Out of all the hitters who tested out the Elite youth bat, less than 3% described experiencing a consistent vibration upon their grip.


GRIP & COMFORT: Much like the category of vibration control, the results of "Grip & Comfort" is solely determined by the feedback of our youth volunteer hitters. The Elite comes with an ultra-light weight handle that met the satisfaction of the majority of hitters. In being a drop -5, most of the negative comments pertained to the heaviness and extra mass in the barrel. The Axe Elite youth bat should not be utilized by players new to baseball or have yet to possess the strength to maintain a quick and level swing. As a side note, those youth hitters who marked themselves as "experienced players" of an above average or all-star caliber had zero negative comments about the comfort and feel for the Axe Elite. Not surprisingly, those hitters who noted having less than 2 seasons of baseball in the books were the individuals who noted having issues maintaining a level swing and a comfortable/balanced at bats.


DURABILITY: Our staff was very impressed with the durability of the Elite bat. Axe marketed this particular youth bat as the strongest one they have ever produced. After over 300 swings, not only did these youth baseball bats have zero cracks, dents or dings, they also displayed the least amount of handling marks and scratches than any other USA bat. The 2018 Axe Elite is by far one of the most durable 2018 youth baseball bats available for purchase.


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: The Axe Bat Company has developed a drop -5 USA youth bat that can enhance the performance of youth players who possess the ability to maintain a level swing. This bat also carries a great value vs. other USA power bats by other manufacturers. The 2018 Axe Elite comes highly recommended for older players as they begin a transition to the BBCOR.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.875 / 10