*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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2017 EASTON MAKO BEAST XL youth bat


SUMMARY: As the new USA Bat standard looms closer, Easton has saved their most powerful Mako edition for last. The 2017 Easton Mako Beast XL has been documented to encompass the largest and most dynamic composite baseball bat Easton has ever produced. Much like older Mako versions, the 2017 Beast XL utilizes Easton’s two-piece ConneXion technology to secure the composite barrel and composite handle. This locking mechanism keeps both halves of the bat hinged together tightly allowing for maximum energy distribution and reduced shock vibration. Easton also improved their patented TCT Thermo Composite barrel by featuring a new design that provides hitters with a longer barrel, bigger sweet spot, and faster swing speeds. Being an XL, the Mako Beast XL houses an end loaded swing weight. This implies that the Beast XL provides a more powerful pop on the baseball vs the standard Mako Beast.  

OUR REVIEW: The 2017 Mako Beast and Mako Beast XL received the most attention from our volunteer hitters during our last evaluation day. Over the years, the consistent pop and durability Makos have provided makes them the most popular youth composite bat ever produced. During our most recent bat evaluation day, every single youth hitter in attendance requested to swing a Mako Beast or Beast XL. Once on display, the XL smashed on the baseball. To the surprise of our team, we observed consistent solid connections from each hitter no matter their level of experience. Time after time, youth players who characterized themselves as “beginner” (0-2 seasons played) delivered consistently fast and powerful impacts. When comparing the statistics from previous evaluations, these type of hitters had a much more pleasant experience with this 2017 XL version than any other end loaded bat from previous evaluations. One specific Scorecard stated, “The Mako Beast XL is the most powerful bat I have ever used. I wish I could use it next year.” Players who considered themselves “experienced” (5-7 seasons played) absolutely crushed the ball with the Beast XL. Parents, if you are still in the market for a youth bat for 2017, our team highly recommends the XL version. In our opinion, The 2017 Mako Beast XL is one of the most user friendly end loaded bats we have ever evaluated. We feel supremely confident recommending this bat to hitters of all styles and skill levels.