*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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2016 MIZUNO NIGHTHAWK youth bat

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SUMMARY: Due to an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for the 2015 Nighthawk softball bats, Mizuno has decided to produce a version for youth baseball players. The 2016 Nighthawk youth bat encompasses a hybrid design with a -13 drop. The alloy barrel and composite handle are tightly connected using Mizuno’s patented 2- Piece LINK construction which eliminates any shock vibration on the hitter’s hands and provides a comfortable grip. To further enhance the pop off the barrel, Mizuno included their MZ3000 wall design. This feature creates 6 specific thickness zones that increases the overall barrel size, enlarges the sweet spot and strengthens durability while also producing lower swing weights. Typically, if a player aims to accelerate his or her bat speed, they would consider utilizing fully aluminum bats which open more channels for shock vibration to the hands. The 2016 Nighthawk allows young hitters to swing a quick bat without sacrificing comfort.

OUR REVIEW: Going into our Blackhawk evaluation, our team was very curious if the bat would deliver the same performance from softball. Just because it proved effective in one sport doesn’t guarantee a similar result in another. Much to our delight, the Mizuno’s 2016 Nighthawk received high ratings from our volunteer hitters. The aluminum barrel combined with its unique wall design distributes crushing power at the Pop station delivering a loud sound as well. Many Scorecards specifically mentioning the “ping” sound as one of the loudest they have ever heard. The black onyx composite handle meshed with the leather grip provided our players with a pleasant grip that one particular child notated as “a super comfortable feel”.  In fact, the Mizuno received near perfect scores in the categories of Grip/Comfort and Shock Vibration proving Mizuno’s 2 Piece LINK construction to be supremely effective. The 2016 Nighthawk youth bat is perfect for youth players to work on bat speed without losing much pop. We highly recommend this baseball bat for contact hitters looking to make a consistently solid connection.