*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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SUMMARY: The 2016 Louisville Slugger Select 716 is specially designed to administer a powerful delivery on the ball while being one of the lightest hybrid bats on the market. This bat features the company’s TRU3 connection technology that secures the alloy barrel and composite handle. This unique 3 piece construction provides incredible pop while eliminating shock vibration. Both of these attributes combined with the durable and lightweight AC21 alloy barrel greatly increases power and speed on the baseball. The 100% fully composite handle with the Lizard Skins Grip delivers a stiff and comforted feel.

OUR REVIEW: After evaluating the 2016 Louisville Select 716, the most popular aspect of this bat involved the number of recorded “solid connections” achieved by our contact hitters. This information tells us that the 716 does a great job of providing a fluid swing generating a good blend of pop and speed. Normally, baseball bats that feature a light weight structural design tend to sacrifice some degree of pop to compensate for the increased speed. In the case of the Select 716, our team observed an impressive amount of power.  The TRU3 dynamic socket technology proved effective in providing a comfortable feel according to the near perfect scores from our Scorecards in the categories of Grip/Comfort and Vibration Control. Parents, it’s worth mentioning that the overall barrel size of this bat is smaller than Louisville Slugger’s other line of 2016 bats called the Prime 916. That model is fully composite and offers more pop potential than the Select 716. However, if bat speed is a key area of improvement for your child, the Select 716 is a great option.