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SUMMARY: IIn 2015, Louisville Slugger launched their most innovative line of youth baseball bats entitled the Prime 915 which eventually became one of the highest rated composite bats of that year. The 2016 Prime 916 comes equipped with the same technological advancements but features a slightly larger barrel. The 916 utilizes Louisville Slugger’s patented TRU3 connection technology that syncs the handle and barrel without the two physically touching. By keeping both pieces separate yet still securely fused, any stinging shock vibrations gets absorbed before reaching the handle allowing for a smooth transfer of energy to create the maximum potential for power. Both the barrel and handle are composed of Louisville Slugger’s patented FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) composite which provides an enlarged sweet spot and enhanced durability with a balanced swing weight.

OUR REVIEW: To no one’s surprise, the Prime 916 received tremendous feedback from our volunteer hitters. Many players notated delivering significant pop off the bat and feeling very little discomfort upon the grip. One hitter notated that the Prime 916 had “super comfy feel” when clenching the Lizard Skins Grip. The bat’s FCS composite makeup coupled with Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 connection technology definitely produced a noticeable power and bat speeds.  Another hitter mentioned on his Scorecard “every swing I felt more confident!” The Prime 916 is definitely a bat we recommend for all types of hitters especially those who prefer heavier composites over lighter alloys.