*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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2016 EASTON MAKO youth bat


SUMMARY: The 2016 Easton Mako features a multitude technological advancements geared towards maximizing offensive productivity and overall comfort for the hitter.  The most significant aspect of these Makos is undoubtedly the patented   TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology. Every Mako bat is comprised with this formulated material which produces quicker swing speeds, an enlarged sweet spot, and a more impactful collision with the ball. The 2016 Mako also showcases Easton’s Two-Piece ConneXion which utilizes a special hinge between the barrel and handle keeping them separated yet securely connected. This allows for max energy transfer and the elimination of irritating shock vibrations to the hitter’s hands.

OUR REVIEW: Upon concluding our evaluation of the 2016 Mako youth bat, we can confidently state that the overall performance definitely ranks among the best youth bats we have ever examined.  The Mako received high scores in all five categories we analyze along with a 100% approval rating from our youth hitters. The feel for the new HYPERSKIN handle coupled with the Two-Piece ConneXion™ proved to provide our hitters with a smooth transition of energy and a comfortable grip. During the observational portion of the evaluation, this bat showcased a perfect blend of pop, speed, and fluidity. One particular hitter’s Scorecard stated “This is the best Mako I have ever used. I only go Mako!!”  Simply put, the 2016 Mako is one of the best bats on the market and comes highly recommended by our team.