*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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2016 EASTON MAKO XL youth bat


SUMMARY: The 2016 Mako XL utilizes many of the advanced technological features found in a standard Mako except for the end loaded barrel. The XL edition encompasses an end loaded variation designed to provide an unmatched level of pop for hitters that can handle an off balance weight distribution. Similar to the standard Mako, the Mako XL utilizes Easton’s TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology.  This specialized innovation offers hitters increased bat speed, stronger durability, and an enlarged sweet spot which significantly intensifies the trampoline effect on the baseball. This bat also incorporates Easton’s patented Two-Piece ConneXion that applies a special hinge technology to the barrel and handle keeping them attached without touching.  This design maximizes energy transfer while simultaneously eliminating any shockwave vibrations to the hitter’s hands. As mentioned earlier, the main difference between the Mako XL and a standard Mako is the end loaded barrel. The XL carries an uneven distribution of weight placing more weight in the sweet spot region which delivers additional pop. Alternatively, a standard Mako provides a balanced weight distribution throughout the entire length of the bat making it much easier to achieve a fluid level swing.

OUR REVIEW: Parents, if you find yourself at a crossroads between purchasing a standard Mako or Mako XL for your child, there are some crucial factors one must consider:

  1. Throughout the entire evaluation process, my staff and I were thoroughly impressed with the added pop of the Mako XL vs the standard Mako. Pending your child has the skills and abilities to operate a bat with uneven weight distribution, the Mako XL will add distance and power to a swing.
  2. Parents, please don’t underestimate the effect an end loaded barrel has on a hitter’s balance and overall level of comfort.  Since this model comes equipped with a more top heavy design, we only suggest using this bat for advanced hitters strong enough to maintain a level swing with top heavy barrel. After reviewing our volunteer hitter’s Scorecards a significant portion mentioned feeling a bit off with their swing.

The Mako XL was designed for skilled players looking to hit for power with every swing. Contact hitters should shy away from this bat and try a standard Mako that offers a balanced swing weight. That being said, if your child possesses the size and ability to operate an end loaded barrel, we highly recommend the 2016 Mako XL.