*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*
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2016 COMBAT MAXUM youth bat


SUMMARY: When developing the 2016 Maxum youth bat, Combat had one singular intention in mind- to create the most effective and powerful fully composite youth baseball bat ever produced. The Maxum features a single piece composite construction which utilizes Combat’s “Precision Molding Technology”. With this technique, the Maxum distributes consistent pop throughout the barrel with an expanded sweet spot that’s  documented to be larger than any other 2 ¼ barrel ever made. In addition to the unmatched power potential, the Maxum also carries the lightest swing weight of any Combat ever made. Needless to say, the performance of this bat has the potential to elevate a hitter’s offensive productivity to a new level.

OUR REVIEW: Our evaluation of Combat’s record breaking youth bat garnered much anticipation from our youth hitters. The positive feedback rendered for the Maxum was overwhelming. First, it received high scores from our volunteers in every category including a near perfect score in “Grip & Comfort”.  One particular hitter stated the Maxum gave him “a stiff and relaxed feel”.  At the pop station, a significant proportion of players who considered themselves contact hitters stated they had never experienced having this much pop ever before. About 1 out of7 hitters notated feeling the unwanted shock vibrations at the handle. After enduring hundreds of swings during our evaluation, it proved to be very durable as well with the structure of the bat well intact. We highly recommend the Combat Maxum for youth baseball players of all ages, shapes and sizes.