*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*



SUMMARY: The 2016 Centerfire hybrid was the last youth bat produced by the Anderson Bat Company before the USABAT Standard takes effect. Similar to the Anderson 2008 Nano Tek XP, the Centerfire encompasses a 2 piece hybrid construction that provides an ultra- balanced swing weight for quicker and more fluid swings through the strike zone. The barrel features Anderson’s unique AB 9000 aerospace alloy which generates optimum power, stronger durability and a deafening sound when colliding with the ball. The multi-layered composite handle eliminates any irritating shock vibrations to the hitter’s hands while simultaneously distributing a faster whip and a stiff grip upon the handle.

OUR REVIEW: Much like our evaluation of the Anderson Techzilla XP, the 2016 Centerfire received consistently positive ratings from our team and pool of hitters. In fact, our volunteer sluggers gave the Centerfire one of the highest overall ratings among any bat in the categories of Vibration Control and Grip/Comfort.  On their scorecards, many of our players notated the impressively loud “ping” heard during impact. One child stated, “The best feeling in baseball is when your bat tells you how good you hit it.” During our Pop analysis, the Centerfire displayed tremendous distance especially for a baseball bat designed more for speed than power. The combination of Anderson’s aerospace alloy and composite handle created a perfect blend of power, comfort and speed for our hitters. 2018 Youth Bats highly recommends the 2016 Anderson Centerfire as a bat for players of all statures especially those looking to improve the overall efficiency of their swing. Although this bat may not be valid for the 2018 season due to the USA Bat Standard rule change, we recommend this bat as a training youth bat!