*This bat will not be eligible for the upcoming 2018 baseball season.*


Techzilla Xp.png
2014 Anderson Techzilla .jpg

SUMMARY: The 2014 Techzilla XP aims to increase power by featuring a few patented technological advancements exclusively developed by the Anderson Bat Company. They begin by using their unique DFXII aluminum for the barrel which by design, is one of the more dense alloys in the youth baseball bat industry.  Surrounding the fully aluminum barrel is a multi-wall technology entitled the PowerArch. This design acts as a sleeve wrapping around the aluminum thus enhancing the sweet spot region, increasing pop and adding stronger durability. The 2014 Techzilla XP also embodies an end loaded weight distribution adding extra pop to an already powerful barrel. As a means to maximize comfort, Anderson utilized their TaperFlex contour combo and end cap specifically designed to distribute energy in ways that reduce shock vibrations and transmit a superior feel.

OUR REVIEW: The 2014 Anderson Techzilla XP displayed tremendous power and fluidity during our evaluation process. Since this bat encompasses a -9 drop length to weight ratio with an end loaded swing weight differential, many of our smaller and less experienced volunteer hitters passed on the opportunity to swing it. Amongst the volunteer hitters who did take reps, the Techzilla XP garnered high ratings in pop, vibration control, and overall experience from players who characterize themselves as a having  an “above average to all-star skill level”. Despite having a one piece fully aluminum alloy construction, many hitters described this bat to “perform and feel similar to a composite bat”. In producing the Techzilla XP, the Anderson Bat Company has created one of the most powerful and heavy fully aluminum baseball bats on the market. The Techzilla XP comes highly recommended by our team for youth players who can operate an end loaded barrel and have the strength to swing a densely packed aluminum baseball bat.