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Mission statement: 

To become the most resourceful website for all 2018 youth baseball bat information by providing accurate descriptions, meticulous evaluations and an unbiased platform dedicated to assisting the millions of baseball families impacted by the USABAT Standard.

The new Usabat standard:

On January 1st, 2018, the majority of youth baseball organizations will endorse a newly developed at performance standard that will undoubtedly affect millions of young ball players across the country. These USA Baseball organizations have decided to implement the USA Bat Standard (USABat) there by rendering the current USSSA standard obsolete. IF your child plays for one of the following youth baseball leagues listed below, he or she will need a brand new bat for the 2018 season:

  • Little League Baseball
  • Pony Baseball
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball
  • American Amateur Baseball Congress
  • Amateur Athletic Union

how does this change specifically impact your child?

By utilizing the standard, USA Baseball and their affiliates expect all 2018 youth baseball bats will perform at 'wood-like levels" thus preserving the integrity of the game. This implies that USA Baseball aims to bring back a more classic brand of baseball where the trampoline effect on the ball relies more on a hitter's fundamentals and physical attributes vs. the technological advancements achieved by manufacturers. Coaches can anticipate scoring less runs but fewer injuries. Unfortunately, since the performance of these new bats are relatively unknown, it's impossible to accurately measure the impact on your child's offensive productivity.

Our goal is simple.

To be the most resourceful and trusted website for all 2018 youth bat information. USABAT Standard will undoubtedly after every hitter's swing to some degree. Our goal is to perform the research and evaluations needed in order to pick the best bat for your child. Our evaluations are solely based upon the results from our testing methods. Absolutely no outside influences are ever considered when creating our reviews. To further assist baseball families, we also provide a link within each evaluation that allows our visitors to check prices and availability on Amazon.com. By partnering with the largest retail company in the world, we can offer baseball parents the cheapest rates available to coincide with the most resourceful and informative evaluations on the web. It's our sincere hope that we can assist baseball moms and dads across the globe with finding the perfect bat for your child in 2018.

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