2019 Axe Origin Youth Bat Review

SUMMARY: The 2019 Axe Origin USA bat continues the long-lasting Axe tradition of providing little sluggers with one of the most uniquely comfortable and enjoyable batting experiences in youth baseball. Similar to the 2018 Origin, the 2019 edition features Axe’s ergonomically designed handle which gives players the maximized barrel control and overall comfort while helping to eradicate any negative shock vibrations upon the hitter’s grip. This one-piece aluminum construction USA bat applies an ultra- balanced swing weight and utilizes the company’s LP1 high performance alloy that dispenses eruptive pop and lasting durability allowing batters to fully capitalize on every pitch. The big 2 5/8 barrel occupies a specialty engineered hitting zone that simultaneously enlarges the sweet spot and creates a 270-degree contact area. This oversized hitting area is crucial maintaining high quality performance long lasting strength throughout the length of the barrel. Arching over the top of the barrel lies Axe’s HyperWhip composite end cap that delivers increased bat speeds when ripping through the strike zone. The 2019 Axe Origin USA Bat was specifically devised for contact hitters or any player trying to achieve faster swing speed velocities. If these innovative attributes aren’t enough to persuade parents in purchasing this USA bat, the price will surely do the trick.

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